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Soul Calibur II Nightmare Statue


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Within the legendary weapon, Soul Edge, the demon Inferno was born to bathe the world in blood and destruction. The sword sought a mighty warrior that could wield its true power. It found that perfect warrior in Siegfried, Soulcalibur‘s main protagonist. The moment he touched the blade, Soul Edge transformed him into the manifestation of the demon known as Nightmare.

Fans of the Soulcalibur series can now possess the malevolent knight of darkness in the real world, thanks to an incredibly detailed 1:4 scale statue by First 4 Figures. It’s a beautiful statue depicting the harbinger of destruction wielding the unfathomable blade, Soul Edge, as it stands in all its glory.

The Soul Calibur II Nightmare statue is a 1:4 scale of the dark knight. It is crafted to perfectly match every detail of Nightmare from Soul Calibur II, making this nightmare the stuff of dreams for any collector. Standing at a daunting 22 inches in height, the azure-clad beast is cast in polystone. The figure is hand-crafted and hand-painted with expert quality, with no piece left untouched. The statue is packaged in a deluxe, full-covered box and comes with a letter of authenticity. Any true fan of Soul Calibur would realize what a prized jewel this would be. Just make sure to be careful — you might just get your soul sucked out. If not by the sword, itself, then the price tag might swallow your soul whole.

While it’s not exactly a new Soulcalibur game, it’s a second best. It’s available for pre-order now, with shipping expected in October 2017.

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