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Spider-Man Chair Cape


The concept of a nerdy chair cape just makes sense.

We’re always looking for ways to nerdify our daily lives, and given the fact that we spend a significant portion of our day in a computer chair, we figured what better way to celebrate our love for superheroes than with a Spider-Man Chair Cape.

The cape is made of high-quality fabric materials and its size adjusts to fit most chairs, thanks to its adjustable hook and loop based belt that slides around the back of your chair. The cape features the classic red coloring and black webbing with Spider-Man’s iconic white eyes on it. Although it’s important to note that we’re well aware that Spidey doesn’t actually wear a cape, it’s still a cool product, and a great way to show your love for the web-slinging superhero. It’s also machine washable, which is a blessing for those of you who might have a toddler tugging on it throughout the day.

Of course, this isn’t the first chair cape you’ve seen on display here at Nerd Much, as there was also a Deadpool Chair cape announced back in June. Now, the Merc’s best bud is getting the chair cape treatment. There are also numerous other collectible chair capes available, including Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, Vision (which looks the coolest), and so many more that we’ll have to just keep a running rotation.

The Spider-Man Chair Cape is available now for pre-order for $24.99, and it’s set to ship at some point in September.

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Bobby Bernstein
Bobby Bernstein
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