Cool StuffSpider-Man Christmas Sweater Available For Pre-Order Now

Spider-Man Christmas Sweater Available For Pre-Order Now

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Price: $54.99

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Would you like to wow your guests this holiday season with your sheer nerdiness? Check out this Spider-Man Christmas sweater!

If you are at all concerned about sizing, material, or overall quality, ordering now would be in your best interest. When your package arrives in November, it should give you enough time to return the sweater if it wasn’t the right fit or whatever the issue might be. Merchoid has a great return policy, allowing 100 days (a little over three months) for you to return the item after you have received it. That said, keep in mind that only UK return shipping is free.

As to the sweater itself, Merchoid would like to assure you that this Spider-Man Christmas sweater is of the highest quality and will surely keep you feeling warm and fuzzy during the holidays.

This sweater is officially licensed merchandise from Marvel and designed with the same amount of thought and care put into the rest of the franchise. Emblazoned on the front, exactly as it is one Spider-Man’s original suit, is the spider logo.

Framing the larger logo are white snowflakes, made to look like they are falling onto the rest of the pattern. The spider logo is repeated in shite and red, with corresponding colored snowflakes in between. A small detail some folks might miss is that in between the white spider logos are the “eyes” of Spider-Man’s suit.

Merchoid does not mention what material the sweater is made out of, but from the photographs above, we can assume a polyester blend.

For those in colder climates, this sweater is definitely made for special occasions and warmer days, as it’s not much warmer than a long sleeve shirt. This is perfectly alright, of course, and does not detract at all from the quality. We’re for the design, after all, and to do the things a spider can.

You can pre-order it now for $54.99 USD from Merchoid and it will ship in November 2018. Merchoid also offers free shipping to the US, UK, Canada, and EU.

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