Cool StuffSpyro the Cable Guy Figure is the Perfect Complement to the Remaster

Spyro the Cable Guy Figure is the Perfect Complement to the Remaster

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If you’re a big Spyro fan, you were no doubt anxiously anticipating the release of the recent remastered collection. But getting through the adventure will take some time. So while you’re recuperating, let your controller rest too – but in style. And for that, Firebox’s Spyro the Cable Guy figure is the perfect solution.

The Spyro the Cable Guy sits 8 inches tall with outstretched arms that make him capable of holding a countless number of items you’d like to display. As you can see via the gallery below, the figure was designed with gaming peripherals in mind. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers fit perfectly in the dragon’s claws.

Of course, gaming controllers are far from all that Spyro the Cable Guy can hold. You’ll also notice one of the images has Spyro holding a newer iPhone model. And Firebox challenges you to have Spyro “hold whatever you want – more cables, your keys, a bottle of soft drink. The possibilities are endless.” The Spyro the Cable Guy display model also comes equipped with a “discreet” USB cable that you can use to charge your device of choice while the titular character holds it.

If you’re interested in nabbing the Spyro the Cable Guy figure for a friend or loved one before Christmas, Firebox has you covered. The site is promising the item will be delivered by Christmas if ordered in the near future. And for just $31.99, this officially licensed figure won’t burn your wallet to a crisp. The site even offers to gift wrap the item for you if you plan to ship it to someone else directly – or just don’t want to deal with it yourself.

If you or someone you know is a super Spyro fan, you can’t miss out on this one. No bedside table or gaming area would be complete with this perfectly designed Spyro the Cable Guy figure.

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