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50 Best Star Trek Gifts for Trekkies

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It’s a great time to be a Star Trek fan (and if you’re not a fan yet, you can jump in with our ultimate Star Trek viewing guide). There are new shows coming seemingly all the time, and for the first time in a while, there is always something in Trek fandom to be excited about. The franchise has millions of fans around the world, and their fandom is second to none when it comes to dedication and passion for the subject matter.

Whether you’re gearing up to buy Christmas gifts or for any other occasion, the Trekkies in your life will always appreciate more Star Trek swag. Whether you need something small like a stocking stuffer or you’re really looking to spoil your Trek-loving loved one, we have you covered with this ultimate list of great Star Trek gifts. Boldly go to the top of your friends secret “best gift givers” list with some awesome Star Trek gifts.

Star Trek Blue, Red, & Yellow Uniform Emblems Men’s Crew Socks

If you know someone who has feet and who also likes Star Trek, you can’t go wrong with some Star Trek socks. Sure, socks are one of those traditional gifts that kids complain about, but it’s completely different when we’re talking about STAR TREK socks. Wintertime is definitely the best time of the year to stock up on foot coverings, and it might as well be something completely awesome. And Star Trek is awesome. That being said, there’s never a bad time to accumulate more Star Trek related clothing, so why not treat yourself or the Trekkie in your life with these cool socks?

Star Trek Transporter Heat Changing Mug

If you have never had a heat changing coffee mug yet, you are in for a treat. This one is a particularly good choice for friends and loved ones who love The Original Series of Star Trek. It features Spock, Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy, and Uhura on one side, standing on the ship’s transporter pad. When you add hot liquid to the mug, they fade away from one side, appearing to “beam down” to the other. Any Star Trek fan who loves imbibing hot beverages would love to have this in their coffee mug collection. We all collect coffee mugs… right?

Star Trek Collegiate Bridge Adult Regular Fit T-Shirt

I know that many of us aren’t wearing clothes as much as we used to, thanks to the whole “staying home and being safe” thing, but chances are that you still have a few shirts in your collection. You can always use more torso coverings, and this one is particularly snazzy for Star Trek fans of all kinds. Have random passersby think you or your loved one attended Starfleet Academy in San Francisco with this lovely shirt. According to the listing, it runs a little small, so be sure to order a size up if you or whoever you’re buying for don’t want a tight fit!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Ten Forward Shot Glass

Everyone knows at least one friend or family member who collects shot glasses. They are a compact, fun item to collect that doesn’t take a lot of space in your house and is often a cheap gift you can pick up to remember a place you’ve been. Although none of us have had the fortune of actually having a drink at Ten Forward on the Enterprise, this shot glass is the next best thing if you love shot glasses and Star Trek. Next time you or someone you know is doing shots, it can be done with some futuristic sci-fi style.

Star Trek Spock/Leonard Nimoy One Million Dollar Bills

If you are looking for a bizarre stocking stuffer for the Star Trek fan in your life, look no further than this pack of five collectible million dollar bills featuring the face of the one and only Leonard Nimoy as Spock. They may not be practical, and they may not be worth a million dollars, and money may not really exist anymore for the Federation in the Star Trek universe, but that doesn’t stop Leonard Nimoy from being awesome. Frankly, any time you pass up the chance to have something else with Spock’s face on it, you’ve missed a very important opportunity.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Motion Pictures Blu-Ray Set

This particular gift idea may be better suited to the newer Trekkies in your life, as most longtime fans will already have these films in their collection, but we all have to start somewhere. This set, featuring the cast that included Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data, includes Star Trek: First Contact, one of the very best films the Star Trek franchise ever produced. It also includes Star Trek: Generations, which is notable for including a very important meeting between William Shatner’s Captain Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Series and Captain Picard. These films are really essential viewing for Trekkies.

Star Trek Captain’s Log Notebook

If you’re anything like us, you have so many notebooks that you’ve never written in and don’t know what to do with, but that has never stopped you from getting another cool one. Who doesn’t like stationary? For the person in your life who loves both Star Trek and writing things down the old fashioned way, there is no better gift choice than their very own captain’s log, to write about all of their adventures. Or grocery lists. Or to-do lists. Or brainstorm the name for their new cat. Really, the possibilities are practically endless. Just like the vastness of space. See what I did there?

Star Trek: The Original Series Communicator Replica

Replica props are VERY cool, and not just for cosplayers, but they can certainly bring a Star Trek costume to the next level. If you have a Trekkie in your life that you think can use more swag to accent their latest uniform, or just decorate a shelf full of geeky memorabilia, a replica communicator is practically a must-have. These things are detailed and absolutely gorgeous collector’s items that will definitely put a smile on the face of any Star Trek fan. Just be ready for them to talk into it a lot. And it has sound effects. Consider yourself warned.

Star Trek 70 Piece Waterproof Sticker Collection

Another idea for the stocking stuffer category, this collection of Star Trek stickers can be used to decorate just about anything. Featuring stickers that cover practically the entire franchise from Star Trek: The Original Series to Star Trek: Discovery, the Trekkies you know surely have at least a few surfaces that are in desperate need of being covered in Star Trek stickers. If not, you can always pair these lovely things with something else from our list that could use some extra flair. The more Star Trek stickers covering a surface, the cooler the object in question becomes. It’s just science.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Replica Phaser

Another must have for the Star Trek cosplayer in your life, this is a replica of the phasers from Star Trek: The Next Generation. No Star Trek costume is complete without a phaser, really, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just plain wrong. They’re also a really affordable piece of memorabilia, even if you’re not looking to dress up. Have one these deadly (not really) weapons on your desk to show everyone who passes by that you’re not a nerd to be trifled with. Just have some pity and keep it set to stun. Disclaimer: it’s not actually a weapon and you cannot actually shoot anyone with it.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine U.S.S. Defiant Snap Model Kit

Modeling is a great hobby, and snap kits are a great way to introduce someone to the craft for the first time. This model requires no paint or anything like that, as the pieces snap together and it includes decals for all of the color details. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine seems under-represented by cool stuff, but this is most certainly cool stuff. It’s also a pretty small model, only a little more than six inches long, so it won’t take up a ton of space if you just want something cool for your desk or your bookshelf to show your love of one of the best Star Trek shows. 

Star Trek Teleporter (Transporter) Room Shower Curtain

Okay, so, you have to be a pretty hardcore Trekkie to want to decorate your bathroom in Star Trek stuff, but if you know someone that cool, they absolutely need a transporter room shower curtain. Modeled after the classic transporter room from Star Trek: The Original Series, this is a great bit of Trekkie nostalgia that will definitely get comments from people who come to visit. In addition to the practical importance of having a shower curtain, there is an added bonus in that you will be able to tell from the comments which of your friends are cool enough to invite over again.

To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei

If you have a Trekkie in your life who also loves to read, they definitely need to read the autobiography of the wonderful George Takei. Even for people who are only casual Star Trek fans, reading George’s amazing story of being forced to grow up in World War II internment camps for Japanese-Americans and making the transition to groundbreaking actor is truly a worthwhile endeavor for anybody who loves a good autobiography. George Takei remains an important figure in both the Star Trek fan and LGBTQIA+ activist community and his story is a really important and eye-opening one.

Tubbz Star Trek Cosplaying Duck Collectible Spock

star trek tubbz mr spock

Price: $12.99

Buy it Here

As you may or not be already well aware, rubber ducky makes bath time lots of fun. In the case of Spock rubber ducky, that fun level is guaranteed to be even higher. Don’t be shy, get a Spock rubber ducky for even the oldest Trekkies in your life. Older Star Trek fans are pretty much guaranteed to be nostalgic about Star Trek: The Original Series, and everyone loves Spock. They may think it’s funny at first, but guaranteed they are secretly just waiting for the next opportunity to take a bath with their new Spock rubber ducky. I guess you could buy it for kids, too. 

Star Trek Catan Board Game

Board games have enjoyed a major resurgence in the last few years, and for very good reason. Settlers of Catan is one of the most popular of these more complex board games, and a Star Trek version is just a guaranteed blast. As fun as this is going to be, be forewarned that if you buy this for the Star Trek fan in your life, you are definitely going to be asked to play it. Repeatedly. So, if you’re getting Star Trek Catan for your favorite Star Trek fan, make sure you’re up to the task of playing with them! 

Star Trek Kirk & Spock 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

For some people, putting together a jigsaw puzzle is among the most meditative and relaxing things you can do. For others, it’s the most frustrating experience known to human kind. If you know a Star Trek fan who falls squarely in the former camp, they will definitely be over the moon for this wonderful puzzle featuring none other than Captain Kirk and Spock. Featuring two of the most popular and enduring characters in the franchise’s storied history, this puzzle is a guaranteed win for anyone who loves to put together puzzles and getting lost in the wonderful world of Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Original Series Heroclix Away Team Starter Pack

Heroclix as a game has been around for almost twenty years, but is still going strong for many geeky people who prefer to game in person rather than digitally. If there’s a Star Trek fan in your life who you think may enjoy Heroclix, this set is the perfect starter pack. Featuring characters from Star Trek: The Original Series, the Heroclix Away Team Starter Pack also includes dice, a double-sided map, character cards, a Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), and a rulebook. Basically, it’s everything you need to dip your toes into the fun of Heroclix. Be forewarned: Heroclix, like a collectible trading card game, can be VERY addicting!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Operations Necktie

Unfortunately, many Trekkies have to work away from home where they are forced to do things other than watch Star Trek, play Star Trek video games, or read Star Trek tie-in books. For those poor folks who have to wear a tie to work, with this wonderful tie they can at the very least bring a bit of that Star Trek universe to work with them. Modeled after the engineering and tactical section of the ship known as operations, this tie is a win for the businessperson in the family who also happens to love Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek Adult Costume Dress

Star Trek: The Original Series fans will immediately recognize this costume as being the one worn by Lt. Nyota Uhura, but this is in the style of the more recent reboot movies featuring Zoe Saldana. One of the most important and iconic parts of Star Trek, an Uhura costume is going to be recognized even by people who aren’t Star Trek fans. If you have a Trekkie in your family or circle of friends who loves cosplay, chances are pretty high that an Uhura costume is just the thing they need. Pair it with the replica communicator from earlier in this guide and a pair of black boots and you’ll have everything you need to convincingly cosplay Lt. Uhura.

Star Trek Starfleet Blue Uniform Dog Collar

If you have a doggo in your family, that doggo needs a collar to keep their important information handy in case they go missing. Why not have them look awesome with a Star Trek collar? This one is modeled after the science division uniform, so it is pretty much definitely going to make your dog look way smarter. If blue is good enough for Spock, it’s probably good enough for your pup. Just don’t expect your dog to do any complicated science on your way missions unless their hypothesis is “yes, I believe that I can pee on this.”

Star Trek Command Emblem Stemless Wine Glass

Drinking wine is great, but drinking wine out of Star Trek themed glassware brings a new level of whimsy out of your imbibing habits. Even if you or the Star Trek fan in your life is not a drinker, who couldn’t use more cool glassware? Just because it’s a wine glass doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a different kind of beverage. That being said, red wine would go great with this glass, and it ties into the theme because it features the command emblem and the command color is red now. As if you needed another excuse to drink red wine.

Star Trek Live Long and Prosper Ceramic Mug

You can never have enough coffee mugs. If you know someone who loves Star Trek and has a major appetite for the sort of liquids one would imbibe in a mug, a good 20 oz vessel is definitely a necessity. Why get up for refills more than necessary? This mug features the one and only Spock, probably the most popular character in the history of Star Trek, and the famous phrase “Live Long and Prosper,” which even non-Trekkies will immediately recognize. Drink hot beverages with style and panache thanks to this gorgeous mug. Why settle for anything less cool?

Star Trek: Discovery Michael Burnham T-Shirt

Price: $22.90+

Buy it at Hot Topic

A lot of Star Trek love is fueled by nostalgia, so it makes sense that the majority of merch available for the franchise is based on the older shows. Luckily for those of us who love Star Trek: Discovery, we are finally seeing more and more merchandise dedicated to the wonderful current series. Featuring Sonequa Martin-Green as the amazing Michael Burnham, this snazzy shirt is a must-have for the wardrobe of any Star Trek: Discovery fan. Now you or your Star Trek loving friend or family member can keep yourselves adequately covered for occasional social situations by repping one of the best characters in Star Trek.

Star Trek Enterprise NX-01 Figure

Star Trek: Enterprise may be the black sheep in a lot of ways of the Star Trek family, but there are still dedicated fans to this series, set at the earliest point of the timeline that we have seen. For anyone who loves Enterprise, they will absolutely love to have this figure modeling the NX-01 ship. This pre-Federation Enterprise design is different from the one fans of the older series know and love, but it is sleek and cool and a must-have for fans of this prequel show.

Star Trek: Discovery Saru Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures are some of the most popular collectibles around today, as they’re a great thing to collect regardless of what franchises are your favorites. Star Trek fans will definitely want to get in on the Funko fandom, as there are so many great Star Trek ones to be had. One of the most memorable characters in the new Star Trek: Discovery series, Saru is one of the best characters in the whole franchise and definitely deserves to be on the desk or shelf of Star Trek swag for any Trekkie. Get ‘em quick while you can; you never know how long you have before a Funko Pop! Figure becomes rare and hard to find.

Star Trek Delta Shield Cufflinks

Why does formalwear have to be boring? It doesn’t! If you need some geekiness added to a classy look, you need not look any further than these Star Trek Delta Shield Cufflinks. Thanks to nerdy inventions like these, fans can still rep Star Trek, even when they’re stuck wearing a suit and tie for whatever horrible reason. This gift is guaranteed to be a hit for whoever it is in your life that has to be fancy for work who spends all day daydreaming about coming home and watching Star Trek after a long day of… I don’t know. Suit wearing stuff. 

Star Trek vs. Transformers Graphic Novel Trade Paperback

The original Mego figures used to be huge collectibles, but the market for original toys from the 1960s doesn’t leave a lot of room for people without immense amounts of disposable income. Luckily for us, these classic figures have been re-released for those who want something cool, but don’t want to drop hundreds of dollars for original figures from the era. This one in particular features Captain Kirk in his dress uniform, so you or your Trekkie friend can create fancy Federation soirees or ceremonies of your very own. Sometimes when you boldly go, you have to look fancy.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Coloring Book

Coloring books used to be thought of as something just for kids, but we have thankfully collectively realized that this is malarkey and coloring books are awesome for everybody. There are few more relaxing things to do than sit down as a fully grown adult to color. If you or someone you love is a Trekkie and needs some relaxation, this great Star Trek: The Next Generation themed coloring book is just what Doctor Crusher ordered. There are almost one hundred pages worth for your coloring pleasure, which should keep you or your loved one occupied for some time. Don’t forget the colored pencils!

San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Star Trek TNG Picard Facepalm Limited Edition Bust

For those among us who love both Star Trek and memes, this memorabilia is next level. It was released originally as a limited edition item for San Diego Comic-Con 2020, and features none other than Captain Picard doing his classic facepalm, which has been a popular meme for years. This one is definitely going to get a laugh out of visitors, and get some great conversation rolling about where the heck you managed to get such a cool bust. These Comic-Con exclusives tend to become hard to come by very quickly, so don’t put off adding this one to your collection, or to the collection of the important Trekkie in your life.

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan Canvas Wall Decor

Who doesn’t love wall decor? It’s a great way to make a room feel more homey. If you or a Trekkie you know has some sadly uncovered wall space, a piece of canvas wall art featuring the movie poster for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan will definitely help tie together the nerd cave. Among the most popular of the Star Trek movies, The Wrath of Khan holds a special place in the hearts of most Trekkies, so this is almost guaranteed to be a welcome addition to the collection of any fan of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Star Trek: Spock Baby Bunting

star trek spock newborn bunting

Price: $39.99

Buy it at Fun.com

Okay so most people think babies are universally pretty dang cute, but just in case a newborn needs an extra boost in the adorable department, they can now look like little baby Spock. They may not have object permanence yet, but it will certainly put them on the path to being good logical beings. If there’s a Trekkie in your life who has a newborn, chances are they are always going to be needing new clothes and this baby bunting will be an adorable gift. It will probably take sometime before the kid is able to pull off the Vulcan salute, but plant the seeds now.

Star Trek: Uhura Finger Puppet & Magnet

If you already have bigger gifts picked out, but need a stocking stuffer for a Trekkie, this Uhura finger puppet and magnet is the perfect choice. It’s a cute little puppet that won’t break the bank, but will also look great attached to anything that a magnet can attach to. Uhura is one of the most enduring and beloved characters in the history of Star Trek, and every Trekkie can use more memorabilia related to one of the most important and influential roles in sci-fi. Leave no space on any refrigerator uncovered when there are cool magnets to be had.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Replica Captain’s Chair

star trek uss chair

Price: $38.97

Buy it at Gamestop

Maybe you or the Star Trek fan in your life already have a solid collection of action figures, but some set pieces are needed to really bring it to the next level. Luckily, there is this 1/6th scale replica U.S.S. Enterprise captain’s chair. It makes sound, and will be perfect for you or whoever you are buying for’s 1/6th scale action figures. The natural choice is Captain Kirk to fill the captain’s chair, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe Kirk is missing and it’s Sulu’s time to shine? Use your imagination!

Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium

As if Star Trek wasn’t entertaining enough by itself, now you can mix the imbibing of creative alcoholic beverages for even more (responsible) enjoyment. This lovely hardcover features more than 150 pages of cocktail recipes that are definitely going to make your Star Trek binge-watching parties even more enjoyable. Each recipe is themed to the show, including characters like Odo, Spock, Kirk, Quark, and more. Why not enjoy some booze with your spacefaring adventures? An evening with Star Trek and new and exciting ways to get drunk is exactly what you or the Trekkie in your life needs to shake off any holiday blues that may pop up.

Star Trek Inspired Face Mask

Face masks are unfortunately the reality for any of us who are leaving the house and wanting to protect other people from this pandemic. There’s no reason we have to do it wearing boring, bland masks, though. Luckily for us, there are awesome designs available like these Star Trek-inspired face masks. Available in a variety of styles and including a a filter pocket, these are top tier masks that will protect nearby folks while also repping Star Trek in the coolest way. Whether you rep the science, command, or engineering divisions, these are guaranteed to turn the heads of fellow geeks everywhere.

Star Trek Original Series Insignia Beanie Hat

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, chances are it’s getting colder around your neck of the woods. It’s time to stock up on winter clothes, and that definitely needs to include an awesome hat to keep your brains warm. If you or someone in your life loves Star Trek and also has a head, they definitely need a Star Trek themed beanie to keep their noggin good and warm during the upcoming winter season. If you’re going to have to keep warm anyway, why not look cool while you do it? And to be clear, Star Trek is VERY cool.

Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger with Backup Battery Pack

For the more tech-inclined friends and family in your life, this Star Trek Qi Wireless Charger is a must-have. Compatible with most phones that charge wirelessly, including everything from the iPhone 8 and up, you can even plug in and charge while also using the wireless charger to get that battery back to full even more quickly. It also includes a backup battery, so you can charge the wireless charger and bring it with you for some charging while you’re out and about. Having a dead phone or tablet battery is the worst, but with the help of this Star Trek-themed wireless charger, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Star Trek Original Series Pattern Purse

The more Star Trek swag, the better. This purse patterned with designs from Star Trek: The Original Series is a guaranteed win with anyone win your life who both carries a purse and loves Star Trek. It has most of the main cast featured, including Spock, Kirk, Uhura, and Bones, as well as logos and other designs from the show. As if that wasn’t enough, it also features tribble key fobs. Who doesn’t love tribbles? This nylon purse is sure to turn the heads of Trekkies everywhere and makes a lovely gift. If we’ve learned anything from people who carry purses, it’s that you could always use another one.

Star Trek Starfleet Snapback Cap

For when it’s not so cold outside but you still want something covering your head, there is this very sleek and stylish Starfleet snapback cap. Whether you’re trying to keep the hair out of your face or hide that bald spot (it’s okay to be bald, you’re still beautiful), this is absolutely a top tier cranium covering. If you wear hats and don’t have at least one for every day of the week, you definitely need more hats. Even if you already have that many hats, why not have more? Variety is the spice of life. Make sure one of those spices is this Starfleet snapback.

Star Trek Passengers Car Sunshade

If you live in a place where it gets warm enough that sunshades are a good idea, you definitely need this Star Trek passengers car sunshade in your life. Why protect your car interior from horrible heat with a boring silver sunshade when you can have one that features Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Dr. McCoy? Sure, the function is the same either way, but there’s no reason to settle for mediocrity when there is genuine greatness available to you. Any other choice would be highly illogical. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation Lt. Worf Vinyl Bust Bank

Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the most popular shows in the franchise, and Lt. Worf is one of the most enduring and important characters in all of Star Trek. This bust, which portrays Worf in his gold uniform during his TNG days, also doubles as a piggy bank. It would look great on any Trekkie’s desk, both as a cool piece of memorabilia and as a practical place to put your spare change. Why settle for lesser pig-shaped piggy banks when you could be storing your money inside the plastic body of Starfleet’s first Klingon officer?

Star Trek Commander Riker Funny Pun Card

star trek cards

Price: $5.95

Buy it at Etsy

If you want to bring your Star Trek gift giving to the next level, you can pair any of the other gifts on this list with this cute Commander Riker pun card. Featuring a watercolor illustration of Captain Picard’s second in command, this adorable card will add another layer of Trekkie awesomeness to whatever gift you end up sending the Trekkie (or Trekkies!) in your life. Themed cards to go along with whatever gift you are giving will show a level of thoughtfulness and coordination that will surely make you by far the favorite kid/parent/friend.

Star Trek Set of 8 Patent Art Prints

star trek movie poster

Price: $52.19

Buy it at Etsy

You or your loved one can show off their love of Star Trek in a different way with these classy art prints, featuring the designs of various Star Trek universe. Including the USS Enterprise, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, a Vulcan shuttle, and other ships, these prints are patterned after real United States patent style, giving them a unique look that has both Star Trek awesomeness and a really cool old-timey vibe. If you or someone you know has some sadly empty wall space and that needs to be rectified, this set of art prints will have the walls looking great in no time.

Star Trek Set of 5 Steel Coasters

Price: $58.00

Buy it at Etsy

If you or someone you know loves Star Trek and struggles to keep their nice furniture from getting covered in unsightly rings, these sleek steel coasters are definitely a necessity. The set features two each of the gold and blue styles, and one of the command red (or engineering red if you prefer the older style where gold and red were flipped). These will definitely help to keep your furniture looking nicer and will look cool as heck while they do it. They are made of heavy material and are definitely built to last a long time for you or whoever is lucky enough to receive them as a gift.

Star Trek Personalized Command Mug

star trek command mug

Price: $24.99

Buy it at Etsy

If you know a Star Trek fan who also enjoys a good brew, luckily the perfect gift is available. One can mix their love of Star Trek with the love of beer with this personalized mug. The glass is laser etched with the command insignia as well as the name of whoever it is in your life that needs this awesome Star Trek-themed beer mug. Sized at 16 oz and built to last, there’s no better way to enjoy some India pale ales while binge-watching Star Trek. The beer’s not included, but any Trekkie who suddenly finds themselves with this glassware in their collection will have a great excuse to make a beer run.

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