Cool StuffStar Wars Barbie Dolls: Where to Buy & What's Available Now (Updated!)

Star Wars Barbie Dolls: Where to Buy & What’s Available Now (Updated!)

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Mattel has introduced a new Star Wars Barbie collection based on iconic characters from the A New Hope era of Star Wars┬áthat’s set to ship this November and is now available for pre-order.

This clever reimagining of Barbie really shows off the creative mesh of the dualities in each offering, making them truly unique geek toys.

What’s Available Now

In an outfit that appears to be inspired by the long flowing white dress she wore at the medal presentation at the end of A New Hope, Barbie-Leia is ready to take ALL the awards. From her detailed iconic cinnamon bun hairstyle to the silver necklace, matching bracelets, and Rebel-logo’d purse (because, merch). And while her lace-up high heels may not be combat-ready, she’s definitely dressed to slay.

Speaking of slaying, Barbie-Vader is ramping up her killing power in the form of this mashup between Barbie and Darth Vader. This black leather-clad Barbie has all the accessories to keep the Dark Side strong. Between her sunglasses, life support “clutch” and just genuinely cool knee-high boots, she looks like she is all business and ready to replay the sounds of a million voices crying out in terror, over and over again, on her morning workout playlist.

Let us not forget R2-D2, the brave little astromech that could. The droid shows up here, in some cool, geometrically-styled detail. Once you can take your eyes off of the rich royal blue used for the hair, striking eye makeup, and sleeves on this doll, you will see an open white jacket, sporting a shirt that is a spot-on representation of R2. A domed skirt and thigh-high white boots round out the major accessories on this doll, save for the gold C-3PO-style clutch and matching gold bracelet.

These will set you back $100 apiece, and as stated are currently available for pre-order now and they should arrive to you after they ship sometime in November.

Where to Buy

You can currently pre-order the Star Wars Barbie dolls from a number of different online stores:

We’d imagine that these will also become available at Target and Wal-Mart, but there are no listings just yet. We’ll update this post as we find the Star Wars Barbie dolls at other retailers.

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