Cool StuffStar Wars Christmas Decorations: The Ultimate Holiday Guide

Star Wars Christmas Decorations: The Ultimate Holiday Guide

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Halloween has come and gone, and now it’s time to think about decorating for the upcoming holiday season. For those who don’t already know, we here at Nerd Much? celebrate nerdy Christmas things every year, whether it be nerdy ornaments, ugly holiday sweaters, or just geeky-themed holiday decor.

And although we’ve already shared many cool holiday things this year revolving around geek culture, there’s one franchise that deserves its own mega-post — a collection of all of the things we can find for this franchise. Of course, we’re talking about Star Wars Christmas decorations.

Now, there are many different types of Christmas decor, including tree toppers, lawn ornaments, nutcrackers, lights, stockings, and more. So, the good news is that you have plenty of options if you want to geek-up your house for the holiday season ahead. The bad news, though, is that Star Wars Christmas decorations mostly don’t come cheap, so be prepared to put a hurtin’ on your egg nog latte fund.

There are many great go-to sites for your nerdy holiday needs. Amazon, ThinkGeek, and Merchoid are a few of our favorites, as well as Target. You’ll find some stuff on and at Pottery Barn as well, but be careful of the pricing. Etsy also has a lot of great, more unique items, although you really have to pay attention to the reviews for quality check purposes.

I also want to note that we excluded Christmas tree ornaments from this post because there are so many that it’s a category that deserves its own post (which we’ll have live on the site in the coming days).

So for now, check out our ultimate guide to Star Wars Christmas decorations below, and check back soon as we’ll have more items to include.

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Star Wars Christmas Home Decor

Star Wars Chewbacca Tablepiece

It feels like Chewbacca on the last verse of that 12 Days of Christmas parody song.

Darth Vader Tree Topper

Top your tree with Anakin Skywalker, himself, complete with an illuminated red lightsaber.

Star Wars Christmas Throw

For those long winter nights when you’re sitting by the fire crafting a plan to take over the galaxy.

Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper (2019)

Light your tree with a glowing Death Star that changes colors — equal parts beautiful and evil.

Star Wars Galaxy Wreath

Lighted Yoda Tree Topper

Yoda will keep your tree safe from the Dark Side who might want to take a peek at the presents early.

Yoda Table Piece/Tree Topper (Kurt Addler) 10-inch Figure

We like this Yoda Table Piece/Tree Topper better as a countertop or table decoration. It stands 10-inches — not too tall but not too small, either.

Star Wars Christmas Oven Mitt

star wars christmas oven mitt

Planning to do a ton of holiday baking? Maybe make some Star Wars Christmas cookies? Check out these Star Wars Christmas Oven Mitts on Etsy.

Price: $14

Buy it here

Star Wars Christmas Tree Skirt

More subtle than most of the other decorations on this list is this Christmas tree skirt that has the Star Wars logo and ships on it, including the Millennium Falcon and a Tie Fighter.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with 2019’s LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Darth Vader Stocking Holder

Darth Vader will hold your stocking for you.

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

This year in the life of the Star Wars franchise has certainly been eventful, both in games and movies. We’ve seen a steady build towards the release of The Last Jedi, the direct sequel to Force Awakens. We’ll finally get to see Rey take up the Jedi mantel and hopefully defeat Kylo Ren. A villain who is trying a little too hard to villain.

We’ve also had plenty of news about the Han Solo spin-off, now with the official title of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Not to mention the major director shuffle the latter had recently, months into production.

The film began with Phil Lord and Chris Miller at the helm, but after a bad falling out with the film’s producer and writer, were kicked off the team. Solo is now directed by Ron Howard, who seems to have a more solid relationship with the producer.

In games, we finally got our hands on EA’s Battlefront II beta, and soon the full game on November 17. Thus far, it’s sure to be way better than the first one and multiplayer is great fun. I must say, playing as Darth Maul is probably the coolest part, even if he isn’t the most practical choice.

If you really enjoyed the past year of Star Wars, there is no better way to show your love than covering your Christmas tree with the best Star Wars ornaments out there. So let’s dive into the 20 best Star Wars ornaments to hang on your tree this year:

Stormtrooper Peekbuster Keepsake Ornament

BB-8 Hallmark Ornament

TIE Fighter Ornament

Yoda Hallmark Ornament

Boba Fett Disney Ornament

Darth Vader Plain Ornament

Set of 20 Original Trilogy Ornaments

Set of 4 Star Wars Chibi Ornaments

Force Awakens Kylo Ren Ornament

A New Hope Princess Leia Ornament

Christmas Darth Vader Ornament

Set of 24 Star Wars Baubles

Set of 24 Star Wars Baubles

We also have these included in our list of the best overall nerdy Christmas ornaments.

Price: $74.99 USD (Reg. $127.96 USD)

Buy it here

Death Star Keepsake Ornament

Duel to the Death Ornament

Chibi Yoda Ornament

Millennium Falcon Ornament

Chewbacca Shatterproof Ornament

The Last Jedi BB-9E Ornament

Star Wars Christmas Lights

One of the best ways to nerdify your holiday season is with string lights, and there are many great Star Wars Christmas lights available. Not only are they great for your tree, but they’re also great for outdoor bushes, rails, and indoor lighting accents. What’s more, they’re also relatively cheap, so you can decorate without breaking the bank.

BB-8 String Lights

These BB-8 holiday lights are great for both the Christmas tree and year-round in the office.

Santa Yoda Light Set

Eh, you won’t be hanging these in June, but these Santa Yoda string lights are perfect for your Christmas tree this year.

Storm Trooper Light Set

Storm Trooper Helmet Light Set

Yoda Lights

These Yoda Lights are sans the Santa robe.

Chewbacca Light Set

Kurt Addler’s Chewbacca light set is great.

Death Star String Lights

These Death Star string lights have a nice cool yellow glow to them.

Star Wars Stockings

Another great way to bring your holiday decorating to a galaxy far, far away is with Star Wars stockings, and there are many different varieties available, ranging in quality and price. Our personal favorites are the ones from Kurt Addler that are available on Amazon, as they not only look great but they’re also around the $15 mark. Think Geek’s Chewbacca stocking is also pretty rad, if you ask us.

Light-Up Star Wars Stocking

Celebrate the original Star Wars trilogy every year with this high-quality printed stocking that has the original movie poster printed on it.

R2-D2 Stocking w/ Sound (Printed)

The R2-D2 printed stocking from ThinkGeek bloops and beeps

R2-D2 Light-Up 21-inch Stocking w/ Sound

19-Inch BB-8 Stocking w/ Sound (Kurt Addler)

Chewbacca Stocking

The best Chewbacca Christmas stocking you’ll find.

19-inch Darth Vader Christmas Stocking

darth vader stocking

Price: $10.99

Buy it here

19-Inch BB-8 Christmas Stocking

bb-8 stocking

Price: $13.99

Buy it here

19-inch Chewbacca Christmas Stocking

19-inch R2-D2 Droid Stocking

Star Wars Nutcrackers

We don’t know when the whole Star Wars nutcrackers thing started, but we’re glad it did because there are many GREAT nutcrackers to satisfy any Star Wars fan. Whether you’re looking for Darth Vader, BB-8, Boba Fett, or a Santa-robe wearing Yoda, you can find it below. Keep in mind that even if you’re not big on the holiday nut tradition, these look great on your kitchen counter or coffee table, anyway.

Darth Vader Nutcracker

Darth Vader holding his red lightsaber and a Death Star replica, complete with his iconic black cape.

BB-8 Nutcracker

The cutest new droid in the galaxy is great at cracking those macadamias.

Kylo Ren Nutcracker

Go evil with your nut cracking, thanks to this new Kylo Ren Nutcracker.

Stormtrooper with Ball Ornament Nutcracker

Boba Fett Nutcracker

Yoda in Santa Robe Nutcracker (9-Inch)

Outdoor Star Wars Christmas Decorations

You’ve got to be careful with your outdoor Christmas decorations because you can easily put a hurtin’ on your wallet with just a few products. However, there are still tons of options that will make your neighbors say, “Those nerds!”, and if that’s the reaction you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. I’ll note that you can also find a few outdoor Star Wars decorations at Wal-mart, but to be honest, they’re too cheesy for our liking. There are also some cheesier ones on Amazon, so we didn’t list some of them as well. Anyway, here’s what’s available right now.

BB-8 Lawn Inflatable Lighted Lawn Figure by Disney

Kylo Ren Inflatable

28-Inch 3D Yoda Tinsel Yoda Lawn Decor

28″ Lighted R2D2 with Santa Hat and LED Lights

28″ Lighted C3PO w/ Christmas Present

Jabba The Hut Lawn Inflatable

28-Inch Stormtrooper Light-Up Tinsel Lawn Figure

28-Inch Darth Vader 3D Tinsel Lawn Figure

3ft Stormtrooper Light-Up Tinsel Lawn Decor w/ Presents

7ft Inflatable Droids and Chewbacca w/ Tree

A bit too cheesy for my personal tastes, but to each his own. If you’re dreaming of a droid Christmas, this is available at Target.

9ft Inflatable Darth Vader Holding Candy Cane LED

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