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Star Wars Ewok Nutcracker

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For many Americans, traditional Nutcrackers were always present in holiday decorations next to a bowl of nuts with their shell still on, waiting to be cracked open. These Nutcrackers stood like little soldiers protecting the bowl of delicious nuts, waiting to do their cracking duty. Now, you can keep that tradition alive with a member of the original Star Wars trilogy family with this Ewok Nutcracker.

With Christmas preparations starting earlier and earlier each year and expanding to include every hobby and movie favorite, stand out from your friends with your very own Ewok Nutcracker, Wicket W. Warwick, standing at 7 and a half inches and waiting to stand guard by your bowl of holiday nuts and perform his nut-cracking duties.

Wicket W. Warwick may already feel like a favorite member of your family since he first appeared on the screen as the lovable teddy-bear like creature known as an Ewok with Princess Leia in the 1983 movie, Return of the Jedi. Those who are fans of the original Star Wars Trilogy will remember Warwick as the lovable creature who ambled onto the screen to find Princess Leia with his distinct inquisitive tilt to his head and his amazing skill with a slingshot against the Imperial Stormtroopers.

In this wood and resin nutcracker, Warwick is holding the spear that he first woke Princess Leia up with, standing at attention ready to assist you with your nut-cracking needs. He is standing on a traditional red base with the words “Star Wars Ewok” underneath him. This lovable nutcracker can be pre-ordered right now for only $48.99 and it will be shipped out in September — plenty of time to be a perfect addition to your holiday decorating!

This is the perfect addition to your collection of Star Wars Christmas decorations or gift for your favorite Star Wars fan. Preorder today to secure your Wicket W. Warwick Nutcracker for this year’s holiday celebrations.

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