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Star Wars String Lights

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If you’re still holding out on holiday decorating, we’ve found the perfect solution to getting you motivated. The site’s assortment of Star Wars String Lights are the perfect way to deliver holiday cheer or to just brighten up a section of your room in the best way possible.

ThinkGeek has five varieties of Star Wars String Lights to choose from. There’s a set featuring the Death Star that sports ten 5” replicas that light up from the center of the space station. And a light also emits from the behemoth’s superlaser confirming its legitimacy to the galaxy.

There’s also a set of Star Wars String Lights that feature the mean mugs of the Empire’s Stormtroopers.

One of the coolest of the set is the Lightsaber string lights at ThinkGeek. It sports 3 1/2″ long sabers on 10 ft. long string. And the colors of the sabers are conveniently green and red. And finally, there’s a dope set of TIE Fighter string lights that would serve as a perfect companion to the Death Star set.

Some of these Star Wars String Lights are for indoor only use, but others are outdoor capable. And some require batteries while others will plug into your outlet or extension cord. Make sure you read the details on the Star Wars String Lights of your choosing so you’re equipped at home appropriately.

The entire line of Star Wars String Lights is currently on sale on Amazon, too. The Death Star string lights are currently $13.99. The Stormtrooper and Darth Vader varieties are just $6.99. And both the Lightsaber string lights and TIE Fighter string lights are running at $20.99. In fact, if you purchased them all together, you could decorate your entire tree in Star Wars String Lights for under $70 and use them for years to come. Do it! Or Alderaan gets it…

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