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Stranger Things Dart Nesting Plush

Ever since our first introduction to the “upside-down” back in 2016, Stranger Things has been captivating Netflix audiences. Season 2 was filled with interesting new characters, twists, turns and meat-eating monsters. Luckily, Dustin’s softer side seemed to rub off on his own nougat loving demodog, helping to endear this otherworldly creature to many. Well if you love Dart as much as Dustin, then ThinkGeek has the adorable officially licensed softer plush version you need in your life, and it even comes in three life stages!

This Stranger Things Dart Nesting Plush is styled after the Dustin’s pet demodog, and measures about 9″ tall. It’s just as fearsome but in a much cuter and less terrifying kind of way. The purple plush demodog has adorably embroidered fangs that are just visible. Thankfully, there aren’t rows and rows of terrifying teeth inside this plush.

This green and orange pollywag dart is definitely more snuggly than the on-screen version. As if that wasn’t enough, pollywag Dart opens to reveal the slug version. Styled after the one that Will coughed into the bathroom sink, this larval demodog is pink and yellow, with no teeth in sight.

Order yours today and get ready to snuggle up with your Plush Dart while you binge on eggos and every episode of Stranger Things while you wait for next season.

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