Cool StuffSuperman and Wonder Woman Holiday Sweaters

Superman and Wonder Woman Holiday Sweaters

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Are you ready to show how proud to be a nerd you are? Break out the ugly Christmas sweaters from with Superman and Wonder Woman.Superman and Wonder Woman Holiday Sweaters

Both sweaters, which you can buy here, are rather stylin’ for being part of the ugly sweater category. Superman has his famous emblem on the front with a bold yellow outline. Around it we have bright yellow snowflakes and patterns. Outlining those are dark red polka dots over a navy base.

Superman, and all the sweaters, go for $48.99 USD and come in XS all the way to 3XL. The material is 100% acrylic, so it is sure to be very soft and warm. They are exclusive to and the link to buy it is below.

Woman Woman also has a navy base with quite a bit more patterning than the Superman one, at least it seems that way. The Wonder Woman emblem is emblazoned on the front in yellow and red. The lined patterns come in yellow, white, and red. The rows have varying icons, including the Batman symbol, stars, snowflakes, and a row of a more simplified version of the Wonder Woman emblem. The entire bottom half of the sweater are columns of white polka dots.

If you’re wondering where the rest of the Justice League are, have no fear for Harley Quinn is here. This sweater is probably the most classy out of the three due to the color scheme. The base here is black, of course, and with snowflakes in the shape of red and white diamonds raining down towards the bottom of the sweater. On the elbow, we have a headshot of Harley herself, looking fierce as always.

There are many other Christmas sweaters over at, you’re sure to find your favorite. Everything from Marvel to Star Wars, to NSFW joke sweaters. My personal favorite is the particularly detailed Two-Face sweater, which has the villain’s entire face covering the front – no attempt at snowflakes here.

Price: $48.99

Buy it here.

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