Cool StuffTerminator T-800 Bookends Bring Judgement Day to Your Shelves

Terminator T-800 Bookends Bring Judgement Day to Your Shelves

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With the Terminator series returning back to the hands of its creator, James Cameron, there’s no better time to get hyped for the franchise’s hopeful rejuvenation. To help show off your love for our mechanical overlords, Merchoid has a fresh item that’s just loaded with awesomeness. Their Terminator T-800 bookends aren’t just badass looking, but they’re actually practical too.

The Terminator T-800 bookends are officially licensed and crafted with the utmost care. Comprised of “the finest resin”, these epic shelf decorations are completely free of synthetic human skin. Instead, it’s purely the metallic looking skeletal structure that you’ll have on display upon your bookshelf.

Said skeletal structure is heavily detailed with the inside portions of the T-800 skull sporting various nooks and mechanical crannies. The product is carefully hand-painted, detailing the hydraulics, teeth, eyes and other portions with intricate accuracy.

If you aren’t much of a book owner, the Terminator T-800 bookends can be positioned side by side to just display the deadly-looking skull by itself. However, spreading the halves out and placing your sci-fi collection between them is the way to go for any dedicated reader.

Merchoid is listing their Terminator T-800 bookends for $78.99 and expects to begin shipping them in July. There’s free shipping across the U.S., and the site offers a 100-day return policy if the item shouldn’t meet your expectations for whatever reason.

The outlet notes that pre-orders are limited, so if you’re interested in putting this T-800 skull on your mantle, you should probably act quickly. As for the film franchise in which the design is inspired, we’re set to get James Cameron and Tim Miller’s next take on the series with Terminator: Dark Fate later this year on November 1st. With the return of Linda Hamilton and set just after Terminator 2: Judgement Day, it’s the project every Terminator fan has been hoping for decades.

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