Cool StuffMarvel Legends Series Tesseract Electronic Cosplay Replica with Loki Figure

Marvel Legends Series Tesseract Electronic Cosplay Replica with Loki Figure

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Trying to escape the Avengers’ clutches after attacking New York City? Snatch this Marvel Legends Series Tesseract Electronic Replica for your one-way ticket to the Time Variance Authority. Complete with a six-inch-scale Loki action figure, this next essential Marvel Legends Role Play item has everything you need to team up with Sylvie and take on the Time Keepers. Just be careful to stick to the Sacred Timeline and not to create any nexus events!

This premium roleplay electronic Tesseract is 1:1 full scale and features alternating illuminating patterns. Just press its handy button to activate two shimmering light modes and feel the Space Stone’s immense power come to life! Its entertainment-inspired deco also makes the cube look straight out of the Marvel movies you know and love. With this otherworldly item in your possession in your hand, you’ll feel just like the God of Mischief himself.

loki figure

Speaking of, no Tesseract is complete without Marvel’s favorite anti-hero. Modeled after the hit Marvel Studios Loki show on Disney Plus, this Loki action figure is burdened with glorious purpose in his iconic Variant uniform: rolled-up sleeves, brown pants, and a dashing tie. And if love is a dagger, we also can’t help but love that this six-inch-scale Loki action figure wields a dagger accessory with flame attachment.

With over 80 years since its creation, Marvel has solidified its place in entertainment history. The Marvel Legends Series provides fans with Marvel Comic Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe characters and items expertly designed for posing and display collections. This Tesseract Electronic Replica is the first of its kind since the limited San Diego Comic Con 2018 release and will make a perfect addition to every Marvel superfan’s collection.

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