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Stranger Things: The Book of Barb

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If you’ve only just finished Stranger Things season 1, I’m sorry this is probably too soon to see. But in commemoration or celebration of fantastic writing and skill of the show, comes a book from author Nadia Bailey. It’s 96 pages and appears to be a collection of pieces that made Barb such a lovable and tragic character.

Illustrated in full color by Phil Constantinesco, The Book of Barb has everything from “guidance, quizzes, mix-tape recommendations, outfit choices, and more.”

Like if the magazine Cosmopolitan had done an article on Barb, you can reminisce and get to know the character we lost so tragically. Bard was a “trendsetting style icon and ultimate wing woman” living in the glory of the 80s. She was the perfect role model of relatable and responsible, even while suffering what she did.

the book of barb

Though 80s are a little less glorious and innocent during the events of Stranger Things and the small town it focuses on. Barb Holland most relatable to anyone who has experienced unrequited love. Though there is something different about being queer while you’re at it too. Being friends with a woman, as a woman, is completely different from being friends with a man as a woman, no matter how close you are. Add unrequited love on top of that along with confusing sexuality, and Barb makes for more than just relatable, but a gut-wrenching tragic hero.

Though it is nice to see an LGBTQ member among the cast of Stranger Things, it feels rather awful that she was removed from the show only one season in. Nonetheless, perhaps this little book can pick up your spirits and you can relieve just a little bit of Barb for a short time.

If this book sounds at all interesting to you, let us know in the comments below why you think so.

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