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Trick or Treat Studios Holiday Horrors Ornaments

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Price: $19.99 each

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Want to add some spookiness to your Christmas season? Deck your tree with these Trick or Treat Studios Holiday Horrors Universal Monsters Ornaments! These ghoulish editions to your nerdy Christmas decorations will certainly have you singing O Holy Fright.

Each comes with its very own beautiful Collectors Window Box, too, so when you take down the lights and put away the tree, you can still keep your scream-inducing companions on display all year long. 

If you’re searching for an ornament who’s everyone and no one, everywhere and nowhere, look no further than Trick or Treat Studios’ Darkman Holiday Horrors Ornament. This recreation of the unbandaged Peyton Westlake is sculpted to perfection. You’ll feel like Liam Neeson himself showed up to your Christmas party. 

Speaking of bandages, Trick or Treat Studios’ The Mummy and The Invisible Man Holiday Horrors Ornaments also make perfect holiday gifts for fans of cinema’s most famous scary films. These wrapped movie icons are certainly treasures film buffs will love to find in their stockings.

If you’re entertaining couples at your Christmas open house, don’t forget to also send an invite to slasher films’ favorite duo, Chucky and Tiffany! Although, Trick or Treat Studios’ Bride of Chucky and Bride of Chucky Tiffany Holiday Horrors Ornaments are two collectibles you may want to keep out of kids’ reach. They’re definitely not child’s play!

Rounding out Trick or Treat Studios’ assembly of film-inspired items is the They Live Alien Holiday Horrors Ornaments, inspired by the 1988 cult classic. However, if ghoulish music is more your scene, you can also rep Swedish rock band Ghost with Trick or Treat Studios’ Ghost Cardinal Copia and Goulette Nameless Ghost ornaments.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to have a frighteningly good Christmas! They’re all available to pre-order now at Zavvi.

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