Cool StuffNew Video Game Christmas Sweaters for 2018

New Video Game Christmas Sweaters for 2018

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Merchoid has unveiled their line of 2018 video game Christmas sweaters. Their officially licensed collection features designs inspired by The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Pokémon, Fallout and more.

The site’s video game Christmas sweaters are mostly priced at $54.99, with a couple of Zelda sweaters being the exception with prices of $56.99. Each sweater comes with a 100 day return policy if something isn’t right, and free shipping for U.S. customers.

The Legend of Zelda series is the most represented of Merchoid’s video game Christmas sweaters. There are 5 designs from the franchise. The first is called “Wreath of the Wild” and pairs the Hyrule crest and 3 Spiritual Stones atop Christmas red and Link green. The second, Tinsel and Triforces, uses the Hyrule crest again upon a sweater of Link green and brown.

There’s a third design, O Hyrule-y Night, that utilizes the Hyrule crest again on a dark green design with small Triforces to accent. And there are a couple of 8-bit inspired Zelda Christmas sweaters, A Link to Christmas Past and The Legend of Santa, that put the NES version of Link on colors of charcoal and Link green.


There’s a Pikachu design on the All I Want For Xmas Is Chu sweater. And Super Mario Bros. too with the red and white Three Plumbers Leapin’ design.

The rest of the video game Christmas sweaters in Merchoid’s line don’t have the same fun names, but their designs are still inspired. There’s a red and white sweater with a large Atari logo. There’s a Crash Bandicoot design that reads “All I Wumpa Christmas is You”. There’s a Destiny sweater that features are large image of The Traveler knitted upon it too.

PlayStation has a couple of sweaters that adorn its logo. There’s a Street Fighter one that features Ken and Ryu in their Hadoken poses. A Fallout sweater that Vault Boy wishing you Happy Holidays. And a Genesis era Sonic the Hedgehog logo that reads Merry Christmas.

Each of the sweaters are knitted and range in sizes from small to XXL. If you’re looking to show off your nerd side this holiday season, this collection should have something right up your alley.

Can’t get enough of these holiday sweaters? Find more on our list of the best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for nerds here.

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