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A big part of our nerd culture is loving weird stuff that most people just don’t understand. In fact, I’d say half of the appeal of shows like Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone is to see just how weird they can get without the audience shutting off their televisions.

So if you’re a lover of all things weird, check out this Weird Shit book, a collection of strange and true stories that will stun and shock you.

We love things that make you say WTF (for instance, check out 10 Weird Super Powers That’ll Make You Say WTF!), and this Weird Shit book contains strange facts and stories that are borderline unbelievable. For example, did you know Walt Disney’s last written words were ‘Kurt Russell,’ except no one — not even Kurt — had any idea why. Another crazy factoid found in this book: Jack Nicholson was once offered a job by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera as an animation artist. See, crazy, right? Who knew!

The book isn’t just filled with entertainment weirdness, but also strange things about animals, sex, weird deaths, and more. The book is available now on Amazon for $9.15 for a hardcover for your coffee table, or $8 on Kindle.

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