Cool StuffNew Marvel Christmas Sweaters For 2019: Wolverine, Spidey, Iron Man

New Marvel Christmas Sweaters For 2019: Wolverine, Spidey, Iron Man

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Three popular Marvel franchises come together in this trio of ugly Christmas sweaters. The new Marvel Christmas jumpers feature three of the most well-known super-powered heroes the world will ever know, embroidered onto a sweater that’s a surefire win for any ugly Christmas sweater contest.

The first of these Marvel-themed sweaters features Spider-Man swinging heroically through New York City. Red trip, a repeated Spider-Man logo pattern, and a silhouette of New York accentuate the main design of the sweater. It’s a cold and wintry day in New York, and this sweater shows it with its perpetual snowfall.

Arriving on the scene to help the Webslinger is Tony Stark, donning his protective and most useful Iron Man armor. The patch embroidered onto the sweater depicts Iron Man, who flies into the center of this holiday apparel. He brings with him some gifts, which are all lined up above the black trim at the waist and sleeves. A pattern of Iron Man’s logo is repeated along the top, just below the neckline, and the metallic hero is surrounded by snowflakes knitted into the sweater.

The final look is a ferocious one that can tear open your gifts with a pair of long, adamantium claws. Wolverine represents the X-Men of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The regenerative hero lends the colors of his costume to this sweater, which comes available in a colorful combination of blue and yellow. Like the Iron Man sweater, Wolverine comes with gifts along the bottom of the sweater, and the sweater features a pattern of his face near the neckline.

Though this trio didn’t cross paths in the Avengers series, they make up a trifecta of great gifts for the Marvel fan in your life. It will be hard to buy just one with your favorite superheroes embroidered into three different sweaters.

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