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X-Men Christmas Sweater

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Price: $47.92 USD

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This X-Men Christmas sweater comes from BoxLunch and is actually on sale for a few dollars less than the usual for Christmas sweaters this holiday. Well designed and well priced, it’s sure to fly off the shelves.

The design is in the old X-Men comics, that bright yellow and red that defines pop art. Indeed, true to pop art, the center of the sweater has the telltale polka dot pattern with the title and logo emblazoned over it.

The collar, cuff, and hem are colored in the aforementioned bright yellow. The shoulders have a dark blue background with red X-Men logos patterned over it. This repeats on the forearms of the sweater and just above the hem. Above and below the central comic book logo are minimalist profiles of favorite characters like Rogue, Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast, and Nightcrawler.

On the upper arms of the sleeves is a thick stripe of yellow with the red X-Men logo at the center, just in case, it didn’t appear enough in the rest of the pattern. The colors, again, are a callback to the comic book style and certainly speak to the true X-Men fans.

The material is entirely acrylic, meaning it will be nice and soft. It is advised to cold wash, which is another way of saying it will shrink in the wash if you’re not extremely careful. As such, I highly suggest sizing up so you don’t have to worry about that.

Though this sweater only comes in men’s sizes, don’t let that deter you. There is usually an easy equivalent to women’s sizes unless you can only fit extra small. I’m afraid you’re out of luck in that case, as it will be too big and you might drown in the width of the sweater.

Nonetheless, the X-Men Christmas sweater is on sale for $47.92 USD from the original $59.90 USD. Again, only a few dollars less, it’s a lot easier on the eyes to pay $50 instead of $60 for a sweater that may not be made to bear the brunt of Northernly winters.

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