Crowfall Gets Major Update: Archetypes Replaced By Class/Race System

The developers of Crowfall, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc., have announced today that they will be replacing their original archetype system with the more familiar to MMOs, race and class. There are over 100 additional disciplines as well, all of which are detailed in their lengthy announcement. They also decided to do a major overhaul in the graphics department, shown off in their shiny new video of the game.

When ArtCraft began the Crowfall project, they used archetypes due to their limitations as a studio and needing to keep the game confined and more controlled. This unfortunately led to characters feeling too homogenous, according to ArtCraft.

Now, however, with funds from their kickstarter going above and beyond their original goal, the studio is now more than capable of expanding their game in this way. Their unique races are still there of course, but now are able to be broken apart into the player’s desired classes.

For those worried these sweeping changes will make the game take longer to come out of it’s playtest stage, ArtCraft has stated clearly that because of the additional funding, they’ve been able to acquire more resources. Thus, there has been little to no effect on the game’s schedule.

The fancy new graphics and new disciplines will be introduced to the playtest early this weekend. The new races and classes are still in development but will be rolling out during the summer months.

Are you looking forward to Crowfall? Are you happy with the new changes? Let us know in the comments below!