Darksburg Trailer Showcases 4 Player Zombie Horde Action

While the other zombie titles out there that are failing miserably, Shiro Games is hoping to do the opposite. The developer/publisher released their last Darksburg trailer today, teasing an action title that pits you and your friends against hordes of the undead.

As seen within Shiro’s Darksburg trailer, you and up to three other friends will cooperate as you attempt to survive the onslaught of zombies attempting to make a feast of you within the walls of the titular city. Shiro Games is promising “a roster of characters to choose from”, but it’s unclear if that “roster” refers to the four we currently know or more that will be added down the line.

All play differently, obviously. The blonde brute you see in the trailer with the large ladle is named Runolf, “the cheerful innkeeper and zombie slayer”. Sister Abigail is easily recognizable with her cross shaped staff. The “sardonic bounty hunter” Rose sports a cross-bow for range. And “the escaped werewolf (and man’s best friend)” Varag looks as though he just utilized brute force in action for close range contact.

Each of the playable heroes will have upgrades at your disposal. You’ll be able to utilize the items you’ve acquired on your adventure to improve your various stats and unlock new abilities.

As for what you’ll see in the game itself, the development team is citing several variations of maps. Certain missions will just task you with escaping the oncoming hordes, while in others you’ll have to find cures, escort an NPC, or take down a given stronghold located within the walls of Darksburg.

Shiro Games also notes that just as in another widely acclaimed zombie series, resource management will be crucial. Specifically saying that resources will be “(very) limited”. Teams will also have the option to choose their difficulty level. But, of course, a more challenging setting will yield more fruitful rewards.

We don’t quite know when Darksburg will be making its way out for a formal release on Steam, but the team behind it is saying it will be at some point this year. For other zombie-filled games hitting consoles and PC this year, check out a comprehensive list right here.