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Picture this: you drop out of hyperspace directly into what appears to be a meteor shower that isn’t featured on any charts, a Tie Fighter quickly zooms by overhead on its way to a small moon in the distance. You’re confused but intrigued. Suddenly this old man behind you whispers, “that’s no moon, that’s a picnic blanket.”


You snap out of your daydream to find that some kids have throwing rocks at you and that an elderly gentleman is commenting on your impressive Death Star Pop-Up Picnic Blanket and Bag that you recently purchased from the Disney Store. This circular, 59” blanket with a lightweight polyester shell carrying case and fiberglass frame is a must-own for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Crafted to resemble the first Death Star as seen in Star Wars: A New Hope, this blanket and accompanying carry case look as if they were printed directly from the original film reels in stunning clarity and detail. You can practically see the trench that Luke traversed as he blew up the first incarnation of this deadly space station and if this were to be held up in the night sky, you may believe for just a second that you were about to fall victim to the same fate as the residents of the Holy City on Jedha or the inhabitants of Alderaan.

This blanket springs open in seconds and folds in upon itself with a few twists of the frame, making it easy to set up and tear down any picnic that you want to go on. Maybe you want to eat amongst the plains of Naboo or simply enjoy a local park, either way this blanket is the perfect choice as it also features a water-resistant underside that allows you enjoy your time without worrying about getting your clothes or food wet.

This item is on sale for $54.95 on the Disney Store website, and you can check out more cool Star Wars stuff here.

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