Descenders: BMX Racing Game Being Compared to Skate


For those that have been waiting a very long time for Skate 4, here is something to quench the thirst for a little while. From indie developers RageSquid comes the bike racing game you never knew you wanted, Descenders. It’s not the usual type of bike racing game either, this is a completely free-riding game.

This means that there are no tracks to unlock, you just keep going and going and going some more until you decide to quit the game. As such, the track is procedurally generated and you can choose whichever path you like. Also, you’ll be going downhill the entire time, so try not to die too many times pulling those epic stunts at breakneck speeds. The more epic the stunt, the higher points. Choose wisely.

Coming the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch, Descenders is described as like the Skate games, only on bikes instead. As some fans have already said, you had me at Skate, feel free to take my money. Furthermore, the game also features three different team types with specific gear depending on the team you choose. The more you win for your team, the higher up on the leaderboard your team will go at the end of each month.

The first team is called Team Enemy, who are described as the “die-hard” and “trick-frenzy” team. A rather brutal description. Team Arboreal is the next, being the less brutal and more “off-road” style, enjoying the slick mud tracks more than the smoother tracks. The last team is Team Kinetic, as you might be able to guess from the title, are really into speed, “high-octane” speeds, as it were.

Descenders will release sometime in mid-2018, but you can join the beta by signing up to the Descenders Discord server. Choose a team there and it is more than likely that you will be selected. The beta will run sometime before the release, but RageSquid hasn’t given an exact date yet.