Destiny 3 Leak Details Story, Locations, Enemies and Modes

Over on the Destiny subreddit, the user ShadowOfAnonTheNine dropped details that pertain to a supposed Destiny 3 leak. The user, in conjunction with the now deleted account AnonTheNine, has a track record of reveals in the past that turned out to be true. But still, get your salt shakers ready.

The Destiny 3 leak indicates that the game will span across Old Chicago, Europa, and Venus once again. ShadowOfAnonTheNine also breakdown the game’s plot, saying “During the collapse, the god of the Veil was slain in a conflict with the light. Since then, the Veil have been waiting for the Traveler to re-awaken so they can syphon it’s power to resurrect their dead god.”

The Veil are a group of astrodemons that will be the third title’s threat. ShadowOfAnonTheNine describes them as “having dark greenish skin, sharp claws, and having a distinct stench of ‘wet earth’ as mentioned by Ada-1’s mother in the lore entries brought with Black Armory.” He also notes that as the true servants of the darkness, the Veil are of equal power to the Guardians if not stronger.

A prior Destiny 3 leak by AnonTheNine indicated that the Guardians would be able to use the Darkness in the next game. This would likely radically change the game’s meta, leading to new abilities and subclasses utilizing the Darkness as opposed to the Light of the Traveler. ShadowOfAnonTheNine confirmed this was accurate.

The leaked information also teases that the core gameplay looks like its in line for a change. Expect “open-world PvPvE areas, more akin to PlanetSide than to The Division.

The leaker also suggests that Bungie’s “goal of Destiny 3 is to cater to the hardcore audience more than anything.” He adds the third entry “will be supposedly much more difficult than previous entries, and will very much focus on how the hardcore community of the franchise will play.”

With nothing formally announced yet, we likely won’t be seeing Destiny 3 at any point soon. There were three years between the launches of Destiny and Destiny 2. Work is surely being done to round out the trilogy, but we probably won’t see it launch until some time next year. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something similar, check out our review of The Division 2It’s pretty, pretty good.