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Devil May Cry Switch Version Will Be Port from PS4 HD Collection

Devil May Cry Switch

A little over a week ago, Capcom revealed that a Devil May Cry Switch version was incoming. They declared the port would be coming this summer, but nothing other than that. Fans were therefore left to speculate as to whether this Devil May Cry Switch version would be a port of the 2001 original, or taken from last year’s Devil May Cry HD Collection. Thankfully, the publisher confirmed today it will be the latter.

Confirmation comes from USGamer as the outlet received an email directly from the publisher which cemented the Switch version as a port of DMC from the HD Collection.

Capcom also recently activated a website for the Devil May Cry Switch version. There, they reiterate to fans that the port “is only available as a download” and that “There are no plans to release a physical edition.” However, they don’t go as far as announcing a price for the upcoming digital release, something fans continue to speculate about.

Currently, you can find the Devil May Cry HD Collection for $19.99 on the PlayStation Store. So it would seem greedy to many for Capcom to release just one of the three titles included in the HD Collection for over that price point.

The release of a Devil May Cry Switch version marks the first time that the series will appear on a Nintendo console. It’s unknown whether the franchise will find popularity on the company’s hybrid, so Capcom could just be being cautious by only porting one title at a time.

Many jaded fans theorize that Capcom instead plans to release Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3 as separate Switch versions to maximize profit. The publisher remains mum on the topic though so those notions are purely speculation.

The original Devil May Cry is regarded as an all-time classic. With a Metascore of 94%, it’s certain to be welcomed by Nintendo fans that haven’t previously had access to the series. Hopefully the title sells well, ensuring Capcom delivers the rest of the franchise to the Switch further down the line. If we’re lucky, maybe it even becomes possible to bring over the incredible Devil May Cry 4 that recently released.