Divinity Original Sin 2 Split-Screen and Controller Support

According to their latest update, Larian Studios will be adding some new features to their upcoming game Divinity: Original Sin 2. The game will sport a split-screen mode so you can play couch co-op multiplayer, you can also use this method to link with online multiplayer. This way, someone else can be using the split screen and both those players can join another session. This will certainly make some missions a lot easier and more fun.

In addition to these multiplayer features, we get another glimpse of what the game itself will contain. We learn about the Skill Crafting mechanic, which allows the player to combine different books to make a specific skill. One of the books has to elemental, and the other must not be. Some combinations they shared were Fire and Necromancy books are combined to create the Corpse Explosion skill, and Necromancy and Water books make Blood Rain. Makes sense, right? Nothing like raising a little hell.

Source Skills are a more powerful version that you can also make, but they don’t quite mention how. The powers you can create give the player the ability to talk to spirits, called Spirit Vision, or suck the life out of people with Source Vampirism. You can even talk to the ghosts of animals, but that takes a different skill than Spirit Vision. You’ll need the Pet Pal talent before you can craft that one.

The last feature they discuss is Rune Crafting. You can find the runes you need or craft them yourself in order to improve your weapons and gear. One of the many recipes you can use are the combination of wood, oil, and Pixie Dust, which will make a fire rune. The runes grow from small to medium, to large, so if you combine two fire runes and Pixie Dust, you’ll get a medium rune.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be released September 14, 2017 on the PC only.