DIY Persona 5 Cosplay: Chair-kun School Uniform

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chair-kun school uniformPersona 5 has had an awesome week so far, and the hype has never been so high. We finally have a release date, a confirmed appearance for E3 2016, and an awesome year ahead of us. One thing about the Persona fandom is that we have such a large cosplay community, as many fans love to dress up like their favorite characters for anime, video gaming, and pop culture conventions. Now that PV4 has released, many fans are excited to cosplay their new favorite characters.

Every week from now until who knows when, there will be a DIY Persona 5 cosplay for every character in the game, including tips on how to make both their regular and phantom thief outfits. First, we will start with the character that’s most well known, the mysterious and mischievous protagonist, nicknamed Chair-kun by fans.



Vcos Shin Megami Tensei Persona 5 Protagonist Uniform Cosplay Costume $69.99 + shipping

Persona 5 Protagonist Wig $22.99 + shipping

Persona 5 Leather Mask Etsy $42.00+ shipping

Madden Men’s Trace LoaferBlack9 M US $44.99+shipping

If you are making the cosplay:

Persona 5 School Logo and Patches $15.50+ free shipping

Mens Slim Fit Casual One Button Blazer Jacket (M, Black) $29.45

Utopia Wear Men’s Turtleneck Shirt, X-Large (White) $8.99

Gioberti Mens Flannel Pajama Pants, Elastic Waist, Black / Red Stripe, X Large $12.95


  • There is an option to commission the entire cosplay. However, if you want to make the cosplay or put it together yourself, you can also buy seperate pieces.
  • The wig listed also says that it comes with black rim glasses, which is a great bonus if you want to do the school outfit only.
  • The mask listed is made of high quality leather and is definitely worth the extra bucks. However, if you are pressed for time, you could buy a makeshift mask, using black paint around the eye holes.
  • How to make the blazer: Using a blazer from a thrift store or retail store, take the Etsy patch listed above and either sew or use fabric glue to stick them to the blazer. Adhesive backing also works and can be used. Make sure you have a few options to reinforce the patch. If the buttons are black or another color, paint them with bright red paint.
  • How to make the shirt: Like the blazer, make sure to stick, sew, or reinforce the school letters and symbols to the shirt. The two arrows appear to be on the neck. Since the neck is stretchy, it’s important to make sure they stick.
  • The wig may not be as styled as the picture or flattened because of shipping. If you need to, buy hair glue or use hair products to style the wig, piecing the bangs. Make sure to use adhesive or spray to make sure they stick.
  • Comfort is the first priority, especially when walking around a con! Since black dress shoes can be found at pretty much any retailer, make sure to find a pair that is comfortable and fit.

Next time: We will provide tips on how to make the protagonist’s Phantom outfit.

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