Duex Pro Portable Monitor by Mobile Pixels – Available Now!

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Whether you’re in school or work a demanding job, having to work off of only your laptop screen can really slow down your productivity. When you’re working at home or in your office, you can benefit from a larger, stationary monitor. However, your options were once limited when not in these settings.

Mobile Pixels aims to rectify your dual-screen needs with the Duex Pro Portable Monitor, an on-the-go display that connects to your laptop for quick and simple access. The 12.5” screen is an HD IPS display that runs off of your laptop’s USB A/Type-C port. Simply plug it in, flip it out, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a convenience that can completely change how you work.

It used to be a struggle to cram everything onto one laptop screen, but with the 1080P Duex Pro Portable Monitor, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a second screen without having to set up a bulky, external monitor.

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The Duex Pro Portable Monitor attaches to the back of your laptop by magnetic adhesives. To get access to the lightweight display, you slide it out with ease. When times to stow your laptop, slide the screen back and call it a day. It’s as easy as that.

You may be worried about added weight or girth to your laptop, but the Duex Pro Portable Monitor is only .48” thick and weighs a comfortable 1.6 lbs. Your laptop will still fit safely inside your storage and the high-quality materials of the external display can withstand frequent travel.

The Duex Pro is a versatile unit that works with Mac and PC platforms; PS4, Xbox One, and Switch consoles; and even your smartphone. Boost your productivity on the road with a monitor that solves the problem of limited space on your standard laptop screen.

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