Dune 2 Confirmed at Legendary Pictures

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Frank Herbert’s 1965 sci-fi novel Dune is pretty robust. The story, told across over 400 pages, has been notoriously difficult to adapt for film. Denis Villeneuve is currently filming a reboot of the franchise to attempt just that. But it sounds like he’ll have more canvas to paint with than was previously confirmed. Legendary Pictures has apparently already greenlit Dune 2.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Pictures’ CEO, Joshua Grode, briefly touched upon the topic of Dune. When asked by the site whether Dune will span  two movies, Grode responded “That’s the plan. There’s a backstory that was hinted at in some of the books [that we expanded]. Also, when you read the book there’s a logical place to stop the movie before the book is over.”

Denis Villeneuve previously noted that his adaptation would span two movies. He told a crowd in Montreal back in March 2018 that “Dune will probably take two years to make. The goal is to make two films, maybe more.” However, we never received any kind of confirmation on Dune 2 from the studio itself prior to Grode’s quote above.

It seems obvious that a Dune 2 would be forthcoming though. Outside of Villeneuve’s quote, the source material is just too deep to handle appropriately in a one film setting. And with the stellar cast that’s lined up for the first installment, a ton of attention has already been garnered.

The Dune cast includes the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Stellen Skarsgard, Charlotte Rampling, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Jason Momoa. Wow, right?

Legendary Pictures has Villeneuve’s take on Herbert’s classic slated for a release date of November 20th, 2020. There’s been no confirmation that Dune and Dune 2 will be filmed back to back. But if they are, there’s a chance we could see the sequel as early as holiday season 2021.

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