20 E3 2016 Games We Want to See Announced

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e3 2016 games

It’s undeniable that 2015 was the best year for video games yet. With major successful releases like The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, and Super Mario Maker (we could go on, of course) absolutely killing it sales-wise. And E3 2015 was one of the best E3’s in recent memory. But now, here we are at the end of March, and E3 2016 is just a few short months away.

The rumor mill is already churning out crazy game rumors (some of which we’re going to include on this list), and now’s the time to start guessing at what games could possibly be announced at this year’s conference. E3 is like Christmas for the gaming community, and it’s when all video game publishers and developers bring out the big guns, making their most important announcements of the year. It’s why Nintendo is going to fully unveil the Nintendo NX (hopefully on an actual E3 stage this year), and it’s why all of the big AAA games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed all see announcements there every year.

But what else is likely coming to E3 2016? What other games do we want to get our grubby hands on? Here are 20 E3 2016 games we want to see announced:

Note: We tried to stick to games that are within the realm of plausibility of actually being announced. Obviously, we could throw things like GTA 6 or Bayonetta 3 on here, but we don’t think they’re ready to be announced yet.

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1. Red Dead Redemption 2

e3 2016 games

It has been six years since we’ve been to Rockstar’s wild western world, and it’s about time that we head back to it. The first Red Dead Redemption was an undeniable critical and commercial success, shipping over 14 million copies (as of August 2015). And, the zombie-themed Undead Nightmare was also absolutely awesome. But again, that was six years ago. We’re ready for more, and with Rockstar noting that the franchise is one of its “permanent” titles, we’d be hard-pressed to believe that they’re not working on a Red Dead Redemption 2 game by now. E3 2016 feels like the right timing for it to be announced, and a new game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC would be welcomed by the gaming community.

2. Skate 4

Skate 4

I’ve been begging for a Skate 3 successor for years now, and it’s certainly not the first time that I’ve said that a Skate 4 would be announced at E3. But this time feels different, especially with the current state of skateboarding games as of late. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was an absolute disaster, and it only made us want Skate 4 more. Secondly, a tentative Skate 4 release date and box art leaked last month, with a cover that noted an included digital copy of Skate 3 (which we were told is coming to Xbox One but mysteriously still haven’t received). Plus, if you look at any Instragram post on EA’s official account, the comments are overwhelmingly about fans asking for Skate 4. For more on the game, check out our Skate 4 wishlist.

3. Diddy Kong Racing 2

We know that the Nintendo NX is in development, and it’s going to be unveiled at this year’s E3. And it has us thinking about what Nintendo NX games we’d want to see at some point. One game that came to mind was the elusive Diddy Kong Racing 2. It’s not like Nintendo is ready to follow-up Mario Kart 8 just yet, so for a racing game, they’d need to look to Diddy Kong Racing. A Donkey Kong game of some sort is due at least, and while Tropical Freeze was a great game, we think it’s time to go back to Diddy Kong Racing.

4. Spyro

e3 2016 game announcements

And then there’s Spyro, one of the seemingly forgotten video game mascots that we haven’t heard from in awhile. The game is filled with cool characters and locales, which is why we want a new Spyro game starring the titular character in his own adventure (not as a part of Skylanders). Excluding Skylanders, Spyro hasn’t appeared in a game since 2008, and now we’re all sitting here wondering what Activision is waiting on. Is 2016 the year we finally get a new Spyro game announcement?

5. Splinter Cell

splinter cell game

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series continues to gain critical acclaim with each iteration. The last release in the franchise was 2013’s Blacklist, which was given high scores by GameTrailers, Game Informer, and even Eurogamer upon its release. Why? People love them some Splinter Cell! The last Splinter Cell took place pre Unreal 3, and now that we have an Unreal 4 engine, imagine seeing Sam Fisher in all of his glory in an ultra HD adventure. Sure, there are plenty of stealth game franchises nowadays to compete with, but none are as consistent as Splinter Cell. So, Ubisoft, bring the game to Xbox One and PS4 for us, will ya?

6. Lost Odyssey 2

Way back in 2008, Microsoft publisher a JRPG by the name of Lost Odyssey, and it entranced Xbox owners. If we’re not mistaken, it was the only JRPG on Xbox 360 at the time of its release (correct us in the comments if we’re wrong, please), and fans (and critics) generally loved it. It was created by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, using developers from Nautilus (Shadow Hearts, Phantom Dust). The story was emotionally investing, and its world was beautiful — for its time, at least — and its soundtrack was absolutely fantastic. It has been awhile since Xbox One gamers have received a solid JRPG, and now’s the perfect time for Microsoft to put a Lost Odyssey 2 game into motion to use as a graphical showcase for the console.

7. Elder Scrolls 6

Elder Scrolls 6 e3 2016

With Elder Scrolls Online being middling at best, we think that Bethesda is going to announce Elder Scrolls 6. To be clear, I don’t believe we’ll get any gameplay, but we will get a brief teaser and a logo reveal, and possibly a small amount of information. People are still playing Skyrim because it was such a high quality game. For now, Elder Scrolls 6 is nothing but rumors and hearsay for now, but the general feel is that its development will be announced this year. Will Elder Scrolls 6 be announced at E3 2016? Probably, but it won’t see the actual game won’t see the light of day until Fall 2017.

8. Legacy of Kain Reboot

Square Enix needs to make a Legacy of Kain reboot happen. Now. We have yet to see the franchise on PS4/Xbox One, although we know they cancelled what was called Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. We want to return to an action-adventure game — not an arena game, ahem — set in the dark, gothic fantasy world known as Nosgoth. The themes in the original Soul Reaver game were resonating, and we somehow cared about Raziel, the vampiric protagonist of the series. Soul Reaver brought unique ideas — ideas that worked — to the PlayStation and Dreamcast, and although the game director, Amy Hennig, is no longer a part of the franchise, there’s still hope that a great game could be released on the current generation of consoles. A new Legacy of Kain game is definitely something that fans would want, and if PlayStation or Microsoft could nail exclusive rights down, it would help sell their respective consoles. To me, at least, I always associated the franchise with PlayStation, so a PS4 exclusive makes more sense in my mind.

9. Left 4 Dead 3

left 4 dead 3 e3 2016

Left 4 Dead 3 has become somewhat of a running joke among the gaming community, because of the ridiculous amount of rumors, “leaks,” and Easter Eggs in other games. Fans frequently see something totally unrelated, and then say things like “L4D3 confirmed” in the comments section. So many websites claim to have an anonymous source who claims that the game is on the way, but we’ve heard nothing from Valve or publisher EA about the game’s development. The landscape is perfect for a Left 4 Dead 3 to hit the market in fall 2016, especially since there aren’t a ton of big releases planned for the fall (at least, as it stands right now).

Our last taste of the franchise was in 2009, and given the success of zombie games over the past few years, it’s undeniable that it would be a commercial success. Gamers love killing zombies, and they love to team up with their friends to take them on. Although last year’s Dying Light was a surprise hit, there’s nothing on the slate this year, as far as potentially great zombie games are concerned (we’re still tentative on Dead Island 2 seeing a 2016 release).

10. Bully 2

bully 2 e3

We were surprised earlier this week with an HD edition of the original Bully game (and Manhunt) when the two games randomly hit the PlayStation Store. I don’t know about you, but that tells me that Rockstar Games is planning something…something big. With E3 2016 around the corner, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Rockstar Games released the HD edition as a reminder/primer for fans for a Bully 2 game announcement on gaming’s biggest stage of the year. Here’s to hoping that Rockstar had a reason to tug at the nostalgia strings earlier this week, and that it isn’t all for naught.

11. Super Mario Galaxy 3

super mario galaxy 3

The Wii U is over, let’s get that out of the way right now. That’s not us saying we didn’t like the Wii U and the games it offered (we absolutely love it, to be honest), but new rumors have surfaced that Nintendo is ceasing production of the console in 2016. With literally nothing on the Wii U’s release schedule after The Legend of Zelda Wii U, we’d be surprised if Nintendo had anything else planned for the console this year. Of course, that brings us to potential NX games again, and we think a prime option for Nintendo is what they have success with: 3D Mario games. We, among money, are anxiously awaiting a Super Mario Galaxy 3 announcement, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it were a Nintendo NX launch title. In all honesty, we’d much prefer for Nintendo to surprise us all with a Mario RPG 2, but that seems incredibly unlikely, given Nintendo’s current relationship with Square. We’ll gladly settle for Super Mario Galaxy 3, though, as no other franchise has the capability to reduce us to our 8 year old selves like Super Mario Galaxy.

12. Battletoads Xbox One

battletoads xbox one e3

We’ve been trolled numerous times by Microsoft regarding the fan favorite franchise, Battletoads, including at least year’s E3 when the company announced Rare Replay. At this point, we’d even settle for an HD rendition of the original game. However, we’d love a new experience altogether. Any way you slice it, though, fans want to see a Battletoads Xbox One game some time in the near future.

13. Darksiders 3

darksiders 3 e3

With the Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition hitting stores recently, it’d be no surprise to see that it was used as a primer for Darksiders 3. Although we absolutely loved the first two games in the franchise, we still think there’s a ton of untapped potential there. Simply put, we want more RPG elements, options and customization. The game has all but been confirmed at this point, with a Nordic developer taking to NeoGaf last year to note that the Deathinitive Edition was “just the beginning.” Being that there are four horseman, and we’ve only had two games, it’s evident that we’ll be playing as the other two horseman at some point in the future.

14. Beyond Good And Evil 2

beyond good and evil 2 e3 2016

We’ve gotten so many tidbits of Beyond Good and Evil 2 news over the past year that we’re surprised there hasn’t been a beefier, all-encompassing announcement. The most recent Beyond Good and Evil 2 rumor suggests that it might be funded by Nintendo for a release on the NX in 2017. Ubisoft is hot right now, thanks to The Division‘s success. If they can use their E3 2016 press conference to announce something other than Assassin’s Creed whatever, they could soon get out of the hole they previously dug for themselves. One step closer to that would be to fully announce a Beyond Good and Evil 2.

15. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch

Another Nintendo NX rumor is that a Luigi’s Mansion 3 NX is happening. It seems too real to actually be real, if that makes sense. The rumor suggests that it will be used to showcase the power of the NX, and we hope this is the case. Luigi has been in Mario’s shadow for too long, and whenever he gets his own game, we pay attention (and typically end up loving it). Especially if the NX is going to be both a handheld and console hybrid (as has been suggested), having Luigi’s Mansion 3 on the NX only makes sense (given the game’s handheld roots).

16. Medal of Honor Reboot

medal of honor game

Although EA Los Angeles was shuttered back in 2010, as far as we know, there isn’t a reason that EA wouldn’t hand the Medal of Honor franchise off to another studio. Our last taste of the franchise came in 2012 with Warfighter, which was not well-received at all. In fact, it was beat up hard, with outlets such as Metro saying it’s “one of the worst video games [they’ve] ever played.” We completely agreed at the time, but before that miserable last outing, the games were pretty solid. We’ve love to see a Medal of Honor reboot announced, with the goal being to bring the franchise back to its hayday. Especially with the current status of the Battlefield franchise being what it is now, we could see a high quality MoH game being highly successful.

17. The Sims 5

the sims 5 e3 2016

Oh Sims 4, you miserable, hulking piece of shit, you. With EA’s latest release in the once-beloved Sims franchise being a hot mess, they need to redeem themselves to bring the quality back to The Sims 3. If EA were to take the stage and admit their wrongdoing with releasing The Sims 4, and then announce that a Sims 5 is currently in the works and it will do everything its predecessor didn’t, I think it would be well-received. It has been two years since The Sims 4 ruined our lives, and now it’s time for EA to lose the DLC model and release one whole and complete game for once. We want it so bad, that we’ve already crafted a Sims 5 wishlist.

18. Marvel v Capcom 4

Marvel vs Capcom 4 isn’t out of the realm of possibility, especially given the recent backlash against Capcom for Street Fighter VMarvel vs Capcom 2 is widely considered one of the best fighting games of all-time, and although Fate of Two Worlds was great, too, we’re ready for the next big entry in the series. Especially with Marvel being bigger than it has ever been before, and the fact that the other big fighting game franchises (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter) have received new games at some point over the past two years, it’s time for Marvel vs Capcom 4 to return to the spotlight.

19. God of War 4

god of war 4 e3 2016

We’re already halfway through the PS4’s life cycle, and PlayStation gamers still haven’t been treated to a God of War 4 on PS4. That doesn’t make any sense now, does it? There’s still no official word on a God of War PS4 game being in the works, but we have to believe Sony Santa Monica is working on it, right? RIGHT?!? Here’s to hoping…

20. Metroid NX

metroid nx

With Metroid completely skipping the Wii U generation, we would be incredibly disappointed if we didn’t see a Metroid NX game at some point. And, we have a feeling if it were to be in Nintendo’s plans, it’d be a launch title. We want nothing to do with Federation Force, and I think now that Nintendo has seen the outrage of such an idea, they’ll put plans for a full Metroid experience into motion. Let’s not forget that Nintendo already has a story for a game called Metroid Dread already written, so they can use that story at any time for a new Metroid. Only time will tell if Nintendo will actually give fans what they want, but if the past is any indication, we might be in for a long wait for this one.

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