Egress: A Dark Souls Battle Royale Game

Developers Fazan Games would like to announce a new title they are working on, called Egress. The game is set in an alternate universe that combines elements of the Victorian-era, Lovecraft mythology, and Retrowave. This is a fully realized city that players will find themselves dropped in. It is full of rooftops to climb, deep sewer tunnels to get lost in, and everything in between.

Fazan Games states that Egress will be a “role-playing battle royale.” Meaning that instead of blank characters to choose from like in PUBG, the player will have heroes to choose from. Each hero will have “unique abilities, weapons, and the opportunity to become stronger.” So there will be some kind of progression system too, not unlike Brawlout.

The combat, however, Fazan describes as “Souls-like,” referring of course to the Dark Souls series. Combat will be based heavily on melee, rollin’ rolling’ (dodging), ability combinations, equipment, and knowing your enemies well.

For example, if you have already played the hero your opponent has chosen, you will know where that heroes weaknesses lie. Hopefully, such knowledge will give you the upper hand, but you never know. Maybe your opponent has learned to deal with the weakness and you risk receiving the fatal blow.

You can play Egress as a team or in single player, just like most battle royale games these days. Though it might be easy to compare Egress to PUBG and Dark Souls, as it is certainly the fastest way to get across what your game is all about, Egress certainly looks like they have plenty ideas of their own.

Such ideas as a battle royale game taking place in a dense city. Whether or not you can get into the buildings matters less if you can run, turn a corner, and lose your enemy entirely until the match as dwindled to fewer players.

This means that you will either have to really work to find each other, or the shrinking circle might leave you in awkward places. It all depends on how Fazan plans to work it out, making Egress a game to keep your eye on.