EverQuest 3, PlanetSide 3 Allegedly in the Works

A person on Reddit has published a post identifying themselves as a former employee of Daybreak Game Company with some intriguing claims.

Recently laid off, the Redditor dropped some gossip regarding a few unannounced games in EverQuest 3 and PlanetSide 3. And they also shed some light on the future of Just Survive.

News has been breaking of late that Daybreak Studios is undergoing mass-layoffs among the six MMOs the studio develops and publishes. So the information which leaked on Reddit seems legit, although unverifiable.

Development heads from EverQuest, EverQuest 2, DC Universe Online and PlanetSide 2 have all publicly acknowledged the news of layoffs. However, they have also indicated to their various fan bases that development schedules will not be affected and services will continue.

The H1Z1 and Just Survive communities don’t have the same official forums that the other Daybreak Games do. And thus, those development teams have remained mum on the situation. Thus leading the Reddit and Discord communities for each to assume the worst.

The Redditor stated that Just Survive is “on its last legs.” They indicated that Daybreak Game Company will likely sunset the project as the 2015 title hasn’t been performing well for some time.

The underperformance of H1Z1 is said to be to blame for the studio re-alignment. And while the game’s Twitter account hasn’t acknowledged news of layoffs, it has confirmed the game is still poised for a PlayStation 4 port.

It’s not all negative news at Daybreak though. Our Redditor has stated that PlanetSide 3 and EverQuest 3 are both in early stages of development. And both games are said to be incorporating a battle royale style of gameplay. With EverQuest 3 ┬ábeing rebuilt from the ground up” to implement the feature.

As the dust settles, it sounds as though roughly 70 employees were let go at Daybreak following the studio’s layoffs. We wish them good luck and success in all of their future endeavors.