Far Cry 5 Season Pass Details

The season pass details for Far Cry 5 have finally arrived! Come the launch of the game on March 27, 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, season pass holders will receive three new adventures. All three are unrelated to the core game, occurring a long way away from the setting of Hope County. The first adventure, House of Darkness, occurs during the Vietnam war where players will “battle against Việt Cộng soldiers.”

The second is called Dead Living Zombies and is pretty much exactly as the title implies. Ubisoft describes the adventure as “hordes of zombies in multiple b-movie scenarios” that players will have to fight off.

Last but not least is the Lost on Mars adventure, which takes place on Mars. The battle will be against “Martian arachnids” for some unknown reason other another. All three are sure to be exciting adventures, regardless of how silly they might seem.

In addition to the added content, Far Cry 5’s season pass includes a copy of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. This will be available four weeks before Far Cry 5’s launch date for season pass holders only. Far Cry 3 Classic edition will also be available for PC players that have purchased the Far Cry 5 Golden Edition. Take on the role of Jason Brody once more and try to save your friends from “the definition of insanity” Vaas Montenegro.

If you haven’t played Far Cry 3 already, it takes place on Rook Island. You and a few friends were skydiving when you landed on the pirate-infested island. Your friends are soon kidnapped by Vaas and his men, though not without a few terrifying casualties. As Brody, you must rescue your friends from the maniac’s clutches and eventually face down the man himself.

Ubisoft briefly mentions that more information regarding the three adventures in the season pass will be shared soon. Far Cry 5 will also see the return of the map editor, again more information will be coming later on.

Is the season pass worth it if you get two games in one? What do you think of the included adventures? Let us know in the comments below.

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