Fight of Gods: Moses and Amaterasu Join Roster

Developers Digital Crafter has officially announced two new characters to add to the roster of their upcoming game Fight of Gods. This is a 2D fighter game that will eventually include a wide range of gods, holy spirits, and mythological characters from around the world. The characters are Moses and Amaterasu and depending on your belief system, one of these is not like the other in a loose definition of “god.”

Hang onto your bonnets and let’s try to get through the character descriptions without offending anyone. Moses is “armed with the power of the ten commandments” and crushes his opponents with the stone tablets. He’s fast and dodges attacks easily, using the tablets as counter-weights to help him move. His powerful attack is the parting of the seas, which can cause a great deal of damage to his opponent.

Fight of Gods: Moses and Amaterasu Join Roster

Amaterasu, described as the “Goddess of the Sun and Mother of Emperors”, is armed with her fire arrows. At any angle the player chooses, Amaterasu is able to rain fiery death upon her foes from both the ground and air. When it comes to close combat, Amaterasu doesn’t fall short either. She’s got a powerful set of moves, including the uppercut, sun shield, and a heavy attack that puts some distance between her and her opponent.

Well, I think there was only minimal damage. If you’re not too concerned with accuracy or having certain characters portrayed in certain ways in video games, then Fight of Gods can be a lot of fun. It’s a game that features quite a few unique characters with dynamic features you might not see in too many other fighter games. I mean, using stone tablets to dodge attacks is fairly unique, as is archery, as ranged attacks are usually frowned upon in fighter games, but the developers could make it work. Fight of Gods also contains some of the most iconic environments, all the way from Mount Olympus to the Garden of Eden (hopefully not the┬áHieronymus Bosch version).

Fight of Gods will be available on PC via Steam on August 22, 2017.