Floating Fire Ball Prop for Cosplay & Costumes

Price: $60.00

**While this badass floating fire ball prop is no longer available, THIS ONE IS – and it’s almost as good, and half the price!

With NYCC and Halloween right around the corner, you might be planning your next cosplay costume. And if you’re planning to go as any number of the fireball-throwing anime characters (Tsuna Sawada, Itachi Uchiha or Genryusai Yamamoto) or magic-wielding mages (Dr. Strange, Gandalf, or Jaina Proudmoor), you’re going to want to check out these ridiculously great Floating Fire Ball Props by GiveWaveStudios.

These illuminated balls float 2″ above your hand, thanks to an optical illusion created by these fireballs having a clear plastic base underneath them, which attaches to your hand. They’re made from strong (and bendable) pre-color treated polycarbonate sheets, which also look great with the lights off.

The lighting has an on/off switch too. There are numerous colors readily available, including scarlet, gold, orange, ice blue, and emerald, and there are custom orders available as well. To make these flames con and kid safe, the edges are all rounded — meaning no one will lose an eye! The lights are powered by two long-lasting (and replaceable) button cell batteries. The clear strap fits most hands, so chances are, you’ll be able to use it with whatever your cosplay or whatever nerdy Halloween costumes you’re debating.

Buy the Floating Fire Ball props here.

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