Fortnite 50v50 V2 Returns

Seemingly out of nowhere, Epic Games dropped news that one of the community’s most favorite Limited Time Modes is making its return. Fortnite is bringing back 50v50 V2 – and it’s available now.Fortnite

The developers stealth dropped the Limited Time Mode early this afternoon. Just a Reddit post and a Tweet were sent out to commemorate the mode’s reintroduction:

We last saw 50v50 V2 when the mode made its debut in early April. It’s the evolution of 50v50 which originally hit the game late last year. Epic took what they learned from the first few renditions of 50v50 and modified into what they call V2.

V2 introduced a second battle bus so that each team would have their own spawning on opposite sides of the map. The final storm circle will be visible from the outset of the match, and there will be 10 minutes before the storm converges on its final location. Supply drops will come from the sky 3 to 6 at a time. The drops will always target the final circle that you see from the beginning.

Fortnite, already a massive success, found a new tier of popularity early this week. The game welcomed The Mad Titan Thanos into the mix in a collaboration with Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – also a massive success.

The Thanos mode has seen mass appeal, and the character brings a completely different dynamic into Fortnite. Epic Games is continually tweaking the character’s stats, attempting to get the villain’s strengths and weaknesses just right.

When Thanos was announced and then debuted on Tuesday, many assumed the unique Limited Time Mode would be short lived. However, it looks as though 50v50 V2 is going to exists alongside Thanos’ mode. So the character-centric event could be sticking around longer than originally expected.

We’ll have to wait and see how long we have until Marvel and Epic snap their fingers and make the comic crossover disappear. Who knows, maybe he’ll head over to Rocket League next.