Fortnite Season 4 Has Landed

Weeks and weeks were spent speculating as to what the foreign object was in the sky in Fortnite Battle Royale. A comet? A UFO? Maybe a superhero given Season 4’s theme? But alas, most theories were right all along. It was indeed a comet. And it did indeed land to mark the start of Season 4.

Many assumed that the comet would been the demise of the infamous Tilted Towers location. They assumed wrong. The comet instead landed on the fringes of what was formerly known as Dusty Depot. It’s now going by Dusty Divot.

The comet took out an entire hanger at the former Depot and left an impact crater that’s about the size of an entire map quadrant. At the crater, players can find what Epic is calling Hop Rocks. Upon consumption, players will “lift off with low gravity”.

Other than the Dusty Divot, shards of the comet have landed in other locales as well. So you’ll find all sorts of new points of interests across the map. There has also been a small, but entirely new area dubbed Risky Reels placed north of Wailing Woods in the eastern portion of the map.

Season 4 sports a superhero and supervillain theme for Battle Royale. Those that purchased the Season 3 Battle Pass will begin the new season with 5 free tiers following the purchase of Season 4’s Battle Pass. Those first five tiers include the 2 new skins of Carbide and Battlehawk. Those that reach Tier 100 in Season 4 will earn the Omega skin.

There are a slew of other modifications with the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4. Players can now harvest materials on starting island to help practice those building skills. Headshots have been tweaked for more accurate damage results too.

You can now set favorite cosmetic items in your locker, or have your wardrobe selected randomly. The crossbow has been vaulted and likely won’t be coming back. And general quality of life improvements have been made to the UI, Replay System, animations, audio, and more.

Season 4 is now live. Let’s just hope that Epic’s serversĀ are able to withstand the comet and all the new players that are coming with it.