Fortnite 4.1 Thanos Update is Live

The Limited Time Mashup has gone live with the Fortnite 4.1 update. Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet are now playable, and Epic Games really did the character justice.

Following the character’s announcement yesterday, I presumed that Thanos would simply be a skin with the ability to destroy half the players with a snap of his finger. It turns out that was too simple for the developers at Epic. Instead, the made the character a radical change for the game. With powers stemming from the stones which are adorned to his iconic Gauntlet.

At the beginning of each match a meteor will land within the map’s safe zone. Within it resides the Infinity Gauntlet. The first player to reach it can use it to then become Thanos. The character spawns with 700 health and 300 shields. Every time Thanos kills another player, his shield will regenerate. However, his health never does.

Thanos has 4 unique abilities with the Limited Time Mode. The first is “a mighty punch” that can hurl enemies and destroy structures. The second sees The Mad Titan jump high into the air and then speed back down to cause knockback and damage. It should also be noted that Thanos is immune to fall damage.

His third ability utilizes the Power stone to shoot a blast of energy that deals damage over time. His fourth ability gives the character a massive super-jump that enables him to move about the map with incredible speed.

It sounds as though the only negatives to the character is his inability to build, use weapons, or items like launch pads. And the fact that every other player on the map is out to murder you. And those players will have incredible weapons too. During Fortnite x Avengers Limited Time Mode, only Rare, Epic and Legendary weapons are spawned. And said weapons, items, and harvested materials are all greatly increased.

Epic also made a few other tweaks to the game in the Fortnite 4.1 update. They made it so that the final circle has a higher likely hood of developing near the outer edges of the map for more diversity. And a variety of bugs were remedied as well.

The Thanos and Fortnite Limited Time Mashup will likely run until next Tuesday. Hop in while you can and take down The Mad Titan – or become him yourself.