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YouTube has become the go to destination for all kinds of content. Whether you are looking for music, a great gaming channel, a helpful tutorial, or some good laughs, YouTube has you covered. This one stop video shop has replaced television for some, and with millions of channels, and more being added every day, it’s popularity is always on the rise.

Here are the 10 best funny YouTube channels out there:

1. fouseyTUBE!

He is known for videos such as the Yoga Pants prank! Ever since, he has been devising new and exciting pranks to play on others that are always sure to get a laugh. With cameos both from other youtubers, and on their channels as well, his already hilarious channel will open a door to other great content creators.

Check Out More From fouseyTUBE! here.

2. Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning has become part of my daily routine — and with good reason! Delivering not only one but two videos everyday Monday to Friday, hosts Rhett and Link are a delight to watch. This duo of life long friends create games and challenges for one another, usually centering around absolutely disgusting foods. Watching them try and tackle these feats will surely get more than a chuckle or two.

Check Out This Hysterical Duo here.

3. Rooster Teeth

One cannot think about funny videos without thinking of Rooster Teeth. Originally loved for their gut busting series Red vs. Blue, they have proven time and time again that they are not one trick ponies. With series such as Rage Quit, Let’s Play, and Things To Do, there are literally hours of content to keep you laughing. Check out their short above, “Catch,” for a quick laugh.

Check Out More From Rooster Teeth here.

4. CollegeHumor

Anyone that has been on the internet for quite some time is likely to have heard of College Humor. This channel offers up its own smorgasbord of funny, with videos that span all kinds of subjects. Every one of their videos is of the highest quality and their humor is diverse. CollegeHumor is definitely one of the funniest YouTube channels around.

See More Funny Videos from CollegeHumor here.

5. Escapist

The Escapist is one of those funny YouTube channels that delivers gaming related humor with quick wit and brutally honest opinions. With series such as Zeropunctuation, which is what the channel mostly consists of nowadays, gamers can get their fill of gaming review news, and a more than a few laughs.

See More Funny Videos From The Escapist here.

6. Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading gives viewers a whole new take on their favorite movies, TV shows, and even the NFL. By dubbing specific scenes and mashing them together, they achieve comedy gold. You would think the concept would get old after a few videos, but that’s simply not the case — these YouTube videos continue to be hilarious. Check them out, and prepare to laugh your ass off.

Watch Bad Lip Reading’s Funny YouTube Videos Here.

7. Nigahiga

This entry has been a longtime staple in YouTube comedy. His videos are usually over-the-top ridiculous, and they’re heavily edited so that the comedic delivery is quick. His many videos will leave you laughing for hours, and then instantly searching for more.

Watch More of Nigahiga’s Videos here.

8. GameGrumps

GameGrumps is another niche channel for all you gamers looking for a chuckle or two while perusing the internet. With segments spanning all genres of gaming, there will be something for every type of gamer. Their video content spans let’s plays, skits, and animated shorts.

Check out More Funny YouTube Videos From GameGrumps here

9. Funny or Die

Funny or Die has one of the most popular YouTube channels, and they bring you premium comedy from all of your favorite stars. With content for comedy lovers of all types, there will definitely be something for you. For those that have ever played Settlers of Catan, and discovered just how confusing it can be, check out the video above for a good laugh.

Watch More From Funny or Die

10. The Hodgetwins

The Hodgetwins are two bodybuilding brothers who aren’t afraid to tackle the tough issues in hilarious fashion. Watch as comedy ensues when both of them weigh in on current events and fan mail. Some of the issues they tackle are a man that only has sex with old women, kindergarten kids caught having sex at school, and Caitlyn Jenner.

Watch More Funny YouTube Videos From the Hodgetwins here.

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