Umbrella Corps Has Been Delayed

umbrella corpsThe upcoming Resident Evil spin-off, Umbrella Corps, has been pushed out of its original May release. Players are going to have to wait just one more month.

Hidden at the end of a blog post from Capcom, the game’s release has been pushed back to June 21, 2016. Their reasoning for the delay is, “so the development team can spend some extra time optimizing the game to bring you the best experience possible.”

The rest of the post goes into detail about some new information on player customization option in the upcoming game. By defeating rivals or eliminating zombified threats, you earn points that can be used to unlock parts. Everything from your helmet, to your “Zombie Jammer” can be customized with different designs and decals. Even the weapons can be fully customized so that each gun is truly your own.

Umbrella Corps is a competitive, online third-person shooter with a twist. By being set in the Resident Evil universe, players have much more to worry about than just the other players. All these gunshots draw out other enemies like zombies, infected dogs, and more. Luckily, each character is equipped with a Zombie Jammer to keep them from sensing you. Be careful though, as you fight, it may take some damage.

On June 21, you will be able to play Umbrella Corps on PS4 and PC for just $30. Hopefully we see you on the battlefield!

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