Drawn to Death Launch Date Set for April

The Drawn to Death launch date has been set! The multiplayer shooter with hand-drawn visuals will be making its way to PS4 in just a few more months.

Thanks to the above video, we now know that the Drawn to Death launch has been set for April 4. Since it was first announced, the game has looked like an angsty teen’s notebook drawings come to life. It’s the only place you can find a ninja shark, pirate demon, and demented mascot fighting against one another.

Unlike other online shooters, Drawn to Death is restricted to only four players per match. Not everyone likes to hear that, but designer David Jaffe believes this is one of the game’s strength. “Too many players in a match ends up making a lot of shooters feel chaotic and random,” said Jaffe. “We wanted Drawn to Death to play differently.”

That’s not to say that the game won’t be fast, but Jaffe wants players to be able to keep track of what’s going on. “For us, it’s imperative that Drawn to Death players are able to focus on specific enemy behavior,” Jaffe continued. “One of my favorite things in Drawn to Death is when I start to learn how a specific player on the battlefield is playing and I adjust my playstyle to that person. This is very hard to do when you’ve got lots of players to worry about and you’re dying every 45 seconds.”

If you are curious to hear more before the Drawn to Death launch, check out the full interview on Playstation Blog. The game is scheduled for release on PS4 on April 4 for $20.

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