Planet Coaster Developer Is Going Hollywood With Next Game

After the spectacular success of both Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster, studio Frontier Developments announced today that it will be forming its third major franchise with an unnamed Hollywood studio.

According to Alliance News, the developer openly stated that the new game will be based on an “enduring movie franchise of global renown”, but then said nothing further. More details will come later in the year as this new enterprise evolves.Planet Coaster Developer Is Going Hollywood With Next Game

Nonetheless, Frontier Developments Chief Executive David Braden excitedly stated that:

“the third franchise is an important next step in our growth. We have chosen to license this particular IP to work with as our third franchise, because we believe we can create something very special. It is creatively stimulating, already has a high worldwide profile, and is a perfect match for our expertise.”

My bet is on Marvel, but who knows. Frontier Developments seems like the type of studio to do something unexpected and unique. Though with the recent alien encounters in Elite Dangerous, the studio might be trying something along that vein, rather than thrilling custom-built rides.

What do you think the new game franchise will be? Let us know in the comments below!


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