New For Honor Trailer Is In Stunning 360°

With the beta coming out for everyone on the PS4 this week from February 9th to the 12th, Ubisoft has given us another peek with a 360° trailer of For Honor. In the video, the apparent villain narrates again, seeming to both condemn and revel in the chaos and death brought on by the constant war in the game.

With dying soldiers all around you, and one knight clearly sending out a prayer with every swing of his sword, the video is definitely worth the watch.

I never thought I’d be keen on the 360° videos, but Ubisoft makes good use of it here, making it clear that the focus of the frame is the knight, but that he moves. You can follow him, or not, and feel like you’ve watched two different trailers. A pretty great way to show off how beautiful this game is, for those of us who weren’t part of the initial beta pool. Though the fog obscures much in the distance, the detail of the mud and armor of the knight is definitely appreciated. Though the grass is nothing more than green squiggly lines, the bushes and viscosity of the mud are well portrayed. It’s the small things that count, in my opinion.

What do you think of this new trailer? Is the 360° a waste of time for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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