Nintendo Releases New Educational Video For The Switch

Well, if you’d like to be thoroughly educated on what the Switch can do by a voice that could belong to your high school math teacher, this is the commercial for you. I’ve never felt so educated about a console before, which is probably a good thing for Nintendo.

We’re never going to forget what happened with the Wii U. Though I’m not sure something so dry as this video is the correct way to approach that.

Nonetheless, Nintendo is hyping up its console for the launch fairly soon on March 3rd and this commercial will definitely help that along. Especially for those that didn’t watch the Treehouse presentation, it is an extremely comprehensive video. It shows all the details and features clearly, and explains exactly what all the different parts do individually and together.

As Nintendo promised, there is an emphasis here that the Switch is a home console that happens to be portable. Despite how educational this video is, there are still no tech specs whatsoever. Hopefully, Nintendo will release those details soon so we can see how it measures up to other consoles.

Did this video help clear up any confusion for you? Are you hyped for the Switch? Let us know the comments below.


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