Nintendo Unveils More Mini Games From 1-2 Switch

Released today are 18 videos of the 28 mini games in the 1-2 Switch package. A user over at the Nintendo subreddit was kind enough to compile the entire list for us. However all the videos can be found on the Nintendo Japan site.

1-2 Switch is a series of mini games in which two people face each other and using the Joy-Con controllers’ various nifty features, try to beat each other with timing, motion, and haptic feedback. Some of these were already shown at Nintendo’s presentation, like Quick Draw, and look just as lacklustre now as they did then.

I admit, they are all a little strange. Shaver, for example, is exactly what you imagine from the title. And it looks just as weird in the video. I still can’t quite wrap my head around how the tech behind this would work properly. Or what exactly Nintendo means by “fun.” Runway is equally odd in its striking simplicity. I imagine after about five minutes of fiddling, cheating these games without actually moving would be fairly easy. Which is exactly what happened with the Wii’s motion controls.

Furthermore, I’m not sure how well the Joy-Con will really work with so many complex activities. Granted, the game is optimized for them, but I’ll have to do it myself before I believe it. Also, I don’t see any of these games functioning very well outside of large corporate parties, where these kind of mini games is exactly what those people love doing. Thus, I can see 1-2 Switch ending up in offices, either for bored employees during break time, or for said functions.

Keep in mind that the 1-2 Switch does not come with the console and is sold separately for an entire $50 extra. Whether you think these are worth the money to play at a party or not, let us know in the comments below!


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