The Switch Can Connect 10 Docked Consoles

In a press release to IGN, Nintendo has announced that a total of 10 docked consoles can connect locally for Splatoon 2, however the last two are specifically for “Private Battle Spectator View” which is “a new functionality that will allow up to two people to participate in a Private Battle as cameramen to observe the 8-player battle from multiple angles.”The Switch Can Connect 10 Docked Consoles

This is in addition to the previous announcements that the Switch supports only 8 consoles in a local multiplayer, so it’s not exactly contradicting. Nintendo didn’t lie really, only 8 people can still actually play together. On the somewhat technical side, Nintendo stated that Splatoon 2‘s LAN Play feature will allow these 10 docked consoles to be connected through a wired LAN. This kind of connection is definitely more for tournaments than the 8 player wireless connection.

This definitely makes sense, for Nintendo to have two different multiplayer systems to exist for mobile and docked gameplay. Certainly much easier than collecting 8 good friends to play in the same room with you, even Nintendo has an app for that now. Granted, the online subscription service that includes the app is only around $30, but there are definitely easier and completely free ways to create events and plan a large play session.

Will you be enjoying the luxury of spectator mode for Splatoon 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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