Celebrate Valentine’s Day With For Honor

For Honor is officially launched today! $60 at GameStop and for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day by fighting your beloved to the death in various game modes! What’s a little competition between lovers, right? With this official launch comes an awesome trailer from Ubisoft. It doesn’t show anything those who have been keeping track don’t know, but no one ever said there was anything wrong with hyping up a game. And it wasn’t No Man’s Sky.

Nonetheless, for those just getting into For Honor right now, this trailer gives you a fairly broad glimpse of the various types of gameplay modes. There are 12 heroes to choose from with unique movesets and abilities for you to carve out your personal battle style. Once you’ve chosen your hero, you choose the Faction you’d like to belong to for the Faction War mode. In this mode, it’s up to you slash through your enemies on the battlefield like a boss to gain territory for your Faction.

Slashing comes in three forms, “humans or AI, in 4v4 Dominion clashes or 1v1 Duel showdowns.” All of them determine how much territory you get overall. The rewards for getting the most in the Faction War include new feat, gear, and customization options.

There is also a story mode single-player campaign, but it’s hardly worth mentioning according to the reviews of the game so far. All the player does is “experience the war from each of the three factions’ perspectives and confront the sinister machinations of the bellicose Apollyon.” Thus far, Apollyon isn’t that scary of a villain, more of a deus ex machina to fuel the reasoning because why the Factions are fighting.

Will you be buying For Honor? Who is your favorite hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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