Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy To Be Sony’s Next Flagship Character

Guerrilla Games is not unfamiliar to creating visually stunning games and iconic series, as their most popular one besides Horizon Zero Dawn has been Killzone. However, in an interview with MCV UK, Sony UK’s product manager Jon Edwards, it seems like Guerrilla Games is going to reach exceptional heights.

With only two weeks to go, it seems like Sony just can’t wait to keep talking about Horizon Zero Dawn. I think we’re all pretty okay with that, especially when Edwards states that “Guerrilla Games… [was] very much focused on creating a curious and determined character that was believable in this new world… you really buy into her as a tribal hunter and we think that the players will really enjoy playing as her. She’s a PlayStation icon of the future.” Though Edwards rushes to make it clear that “nothing has been announced to date but I think there’s a lot of potential for this to be an exciting new franchise for us – we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Sweet talk like that and it seems like Aloy is going to surpass even Nathan Drake as the flagship characters of the console. With the game not even out yet, it seems Sony is fairly sure Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be a wild success. I certainly hope so too, but that’s a lot of risk on just a few gameplay videos, pretty graphics, and robotic dinosaurs. In addition, I’m not sure how a sequel can top the upcoming game in terms of graphics, but that’s still a few years down the road.

Join in on the hype and tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Can Aloy really be such a great icon? Does Horizon Zero Dawn deserve a sequel?

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