Sea of Thieves Alpha Update Includes “Visceral Spewing Experience”

Sea of Thieves is getting yet another update to expand the world of it’s alpha test version in more ways than one. Rare will be inviting even more players to pillage and swagger their way about the game’s world, maps will be expanded and updated, fall damage has been added, and all pirates will now have to face the skeletal remains of long forgotten comrades.

And before you decide to drink away your stores of rum, “having too much to drink will induce a rather – ahem – visceral spewing experience.”

This game continues to impress and intrigue, as not only does the art style look appealing, it’s one of the few modern multiplayer games that isn’t entirely a first-person shooter. If this game couldn’t get more cool, the studio also added a “voyage system to the game, which is how we’re planning to deliver and frame quests for players going forward.”

If you want to get in on this swashbuckling action, you will have to sign up to the Sea of Thieves’s Insider Programme. So join and and sign up before it’s too late and hopefully you’ll be picked to play with this fancy new update.

There is no release date for this Xbox exclusive game yet, but the community has been very active and we’ll definitely be seeing more of this game in the coming year. If you’re wondering how short the Xbox exclusive list really is, I promise it’s more than Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3.

Will you be signing up Sea of Thieves? Does this update add even more interesting features or does it look boring? Let us know in the comments below!


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