Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Includes Samurai Job Class

Announced over the weekend at the Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in Frankfurt, comes Stormblood. This is the fancy new expansion for the game and includes a brand new job class: Samurai. According to the original report from Siliconera, “the Samurai job will be capable of dishing out heavy damage, and will use “Iai” and other traditional Far-Eastern swordplay techniques. It also uses the art of “Sen” and its three forces of “Setsu” (Snow), “Getsu” (Moon), and “Ka” (Flower). You’ll store energy in your katana to unleash special attacks.”

In addition, there is no starting class requirement for the Samurai job class, so you can jump right in around level 50. The level is not yet confirmed, but Samurai will be using the same gear as Monks. The expansion also includes regions Doma, with the port city of Kugane, as well as Yanxia and the Azim Steppe. A new race of skilled traders from the Ruby Sea, The Kojin, will be added as well.

The expansion will be coming early this summer and officially does not support the PS3, like the game itself. However, on the PS4, players will see an increase in inventory capacity and the level cap get up to 70 instead. Are you looking forward to this expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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